Crimes against women

The recent graph of crimes against women is an exhibition of utter moral degradation. Whose blood remains unboiled when a news of rape and gang rape, dowry related killing, domestic violence by in-laws and open harassments toward the women-folk is seen in newspapers and other sources of information ? Moral turpitude and the scope of getting scot free and unpunished for the offences under the shadow of corruption, nepotism, favouritism etc have been fundamentally responsible for such unhealthy and immoral atmosphere in the society. Such a phenamenon of fear, anxiety and apprehensions of getting dishonoured, certainly to a larger extent, restrict their free movements to achieve what actually and deservedly they should have. Undeniably, the capabilities, the fair sex possesses, is in no way lesser than those of men. Crime against women is a civilisational blot, and especially in the system of governance like democracy, gender based restrictions and not ensuring equal opportunities to the women is an unfortunate phenomenon. Stern action to ameliorate their living conditions, and to guarantee them an atmosphere of freedom, equality and justice, is primary duty of any Govt. If women are left undeveloped attainment of wholesome development of the society can’t be practicable.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)


Women play an important role in building of Nations. All nations have attained greatness by paying proper respect to women. The nations who do not respect women have never become great, nor will be ever in future. Women must be placed in a position to solve their own problems in their own way. Our Indian women are as capable of doing things as any in the world. They can work out their own destinies much better than man can never do for them.
All the mischief to women has come because men undertook to shape the destiny of women. I consider that the great National sin is to neglect women and that is one of the causes of our poverty. No amount of politics would be of any avail until our women folk in India are well educated, well fed and also well cared for. Women serve us as mothers, sisters and as better half. The upliftment of the women, must come first, then only can any real good come about for the country.
S N Raina