Crime against women

No day goes unmarked when incidents of rapes, gangrapes, dowry deaths and physical and moral harassment do not take place-making the entire society feel ashamed. It is a sheer helplessness, a system where no female soul feels safe and secure.
What is more distressing is total division on political lines. The political parties, finding chances, start discussing the issue of such vital nature in the tune to gain political mileage. Rising above incidents parties lines, issues of such disgraceful happenings must strongly be condemned. The society where such incidents are born, is also fairly responsible for such incidents. Only law enforcing agencies can’t control the menace when the population graph has abnormally enlarged. Indeed, more stringent laws are needed to ensure freedom of movement to the women, but the need for cultural and moral promotion is also of great significance. Nothing good is achievable in the atmosphere of immorality. Actually, it is a moral turpitude, developed due to lack of moral education in our youngesters. Therefore, need for imparting cultural , social and ethical values can’t be over emphasised.
The women constitute half of the population and to keep them under an umbrella of constant fear of being looted of their honour tantamouns of grave injustice to them.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)