Cricket legend

Our cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement from ODI format after having won laurels as country’s most complete batsman. He has the distinction of having been a player in the team that won us world cup. By strange combination of circumstances, Sachin began his ODI format career with playing against Pakistan in 1989 and he retires from the format when Indian team will be played Pakistan. No less a sports icon than Sir Donald Bradman has recognized Sachin’s talent as a batsman by saying that Sachin played almost like he used to play.. When India would meet Pakistan anywhere in the world, Pakistani cricket fans, including some ministers and Generals, would ask one another if Sachin was still there on the crease. As a cricketer it is said that he plays strictly accordingly to the desk book rule. Many youngsters in cricket world have said that they would come to watch Sachin playing and draw inspiration from his style. Many budding cricketers in the country are trying to copy Sachin and make a niche for themselves in the game of cricket. The nation has recognized his contribution and consequently in recognition of that he has been given a berth in the Rajya Sabha.
Apart from the great cricketing tradition which he inherited from outstanding players of India, Sachin is loved by millions for his character as a patriotic sportsman who considers the honour of the country above everything else. He is a pious man who runs charities for the poor and the destitute. Most conspicuous thing about him is that he is one among a host of celebrities who maintained clear distance from controversies, match fixing and politicizing of the game. Sachin will play in test matches and we are confident that 39-year old cricket icon will have still another feather to put in his cap.


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