Craze to get Inked!

Agrita Chhiber

Tattoos are like stories, which make an impression on your body for a lifetime.
Getting inked today is considered as a westernized concept, some sort of latest trend, but it’s not! Do you remember as a child you saw a green impression on your grandmother or grandfather’s hand or arm. Yeah, they were tattooed. So it’s being followed since eon times.
Making a tattoo is not merely scribbling anything, but drawing that particular pattern or a design that gives voice to your thoughts or something that defines you after all, it’s a painful job. These days craze for getting tattoos made on your body is increasing and many of our B-Town stars have got themselves inked. Before making it permanent on your body make a detailed study about it.
If you are planning to get a tattoo this year for the first time, avoid getting names inked on your body until you are very sure about them, your parents or children’s names are always a good idea to go ahead with. We all remember Deepika Padukone’s RK tattoo, so I don’t think getting name inked is a good idea. Think as many times as possible before you get inked because it should be something which you would accept even when you hit your 40s. Be very sure before that needle starts working on your body, there are many amazing designs waiting to be made.
“Anything that defines you or is connected to you should be scribbled on your body. I got inked thrice. The first one says Love Dad as he’s been my utmost strength and will always be. The second one is on my nape it says, faith.. Hope & love. I truly believe that one’s entire existence is governed by these three things. And my third one is on my waist which says worth a million to be a woman, being a feminist; I truly believe it needs courage and a heart full of love to be a woman. I got it inked from Jawed Habib hair and beauty salon at Wave Mall and it was a great experience because they have the best kind of inks and artists who take care of everything from using right inks to needles,” said Tania Singh.
“My first tattoo was on nape of Lord Ram as I am bit spiritual. Second one I have of Lord Buddha’s on my arm as he has a peaceful effect on me. Finally, I will have my third one this year. It’s an amazing experience as since childhood I found tattoos really fascinating and always wanted to get one.” said Ujjwal Datta.
Most preferred tattoo patterns among the people of Jammu are to get their partners or their baby name inked. Some pet lovers believe in getting inked with their pet portrait or their name isn’t it cute? These days, many people are opting for a spiritual kind of tattoos, which acts as a constant support for them. There are many tattoo artists who are doing their work with a lot of passion and are constantly trying to serve their customers with something new and totally out of the box. Cheers.
Tattoo Studios in Jammu City:
Skin n Iron Tattoo
They provide you with different kind of tattoo patterns that have different style and form like mandala tattoos, realism, portraits and line work. “My dream is to introduce people of Jammu with something new, like hyper realism, abstract, dotism, trash polka, double exposure and much more.”said Imran Khan the tattoo artist, who is a fine artist with art degree. For more ideas folks, you need to visit them or can check out their instagram page ink_khan to get an idea about their work.
Location: Gole market behind Woodland Showroom, Gandhi Nagar.
Happy Tattoo Studio
They promise to provide you with a great deal of ideas for your tattoo patterns and beautifully carve them out. If you have any specific kind of pattern in your mind that needs to be brought to life, happy studio is ready to serve you. In spite of designing tattoos they are ready to open their own certified course in tattoo designing for the interested youth of the city. They have amazing offers to gift their customers during Amarnath Yatra, do try them folks!
“Before you choose a design it is very important to check a few things like a needle, ink, and other equipments in order to make sure that hygienically, it is sound and you are in safe hands. We believe in serving the best.” said Happy the tattoo artist.
Location: House no 136, Near Backside of Sarwal Hospital, Rehari Colony.
Taboo the Tattooist
This studio promises fineness and uniqueness. Portarait and Mapa tattoos are currently trending and studio is all bringing smiles to their customers face. Hygiene is their mantra, which makes making tattoos completely safe. They provide you with a great deal of ideas and selectively brilliant designs to choose upon. Referring to the technique and equipments they got the thumbs up. “I believe in serving my clients with the best and unique designs. Hygiene is my priority, equipments are sterilized and used once only”, said Gourav Jamwal who is a certified tattoo artist.
Location: 167 A/D sector 1, Nanak Nagar Jammu. Like a coin has two sides, everything has pros and cons, and it’s better if we know both the aspects. Whereas, tattoo provides you with self expression and freedom to show off your beliefs.
It has certain cons which you cannot avoid knowing. It can limit your career path as Indian Army tattoo policy has been in place since 11 May 2015.
The Government declared all tribal communities who enlist and have tattoos, are allowed to have them all over the body only if they belong to a tribal community. Indians who are not part of a tribal community are only allowed to have tattoos in designated parts of the body, such as the forearm, elbow, wrist, the side of the palm, and back and front of the hands. Offensive sexist and racist tattoos are not allowed.
New tattoo can affect the blood donation. The reason for denial is a precaution against cross contamination and diseases like hepatitis, HIV, etc. So they recommend waiting for at least 6 to 12 months so that tattoos design properly heals.
Explore them, select your favorite and mark yourself with the best. Cheers!