COVID ‘still’ in Jammu

No need to be totally complacent and carefree as for the last three four months there have been rarest instances of fresh infections in Jammu and Kashmir while at the same time not to panic, it is believed that the corona virus has not totally gone away from the UT . Recently, two deaths due to the COVID infection took place in Jammu after several days of no such unfortunate succumbing to the virus from any area .At the same time while the number of fresh cases of infection , 7 in Jammu and 12 in Kashmir have been reported over the last 24 hours, it is therefore advisable to be careful and if possible move about in crowded places, shops , malls etc only with a mask. Needless to add, in many parts of the country, especially Kerala, Maharashtra etc there has of late been a slight surge in the number of infections and since Jammu and Kashmir are tourism related places and many people from various parts do arrive in the UT as tourists, spreading of infection cannot be totally ruled out hence observing safety and security protocol is a must for all.