Covid-19: The way forward

When 2020 began, it was like just another calendar year, wishes began pouring in “wishing you a great year ahead”. After a couple of months the “COVID-19” pandemic followed by “janta curfew” then the “lockdown” and a series of “unlock” and successful trail of vaccine and so on. During this period, we witnessed, not just one crisis, but a confluence of crises in health, education, economic, social, and consumer confidence. It disrupted every aspect of life in an unprecedented manner, and at an unbelievable scale.
One thing that has not changed in the lockdown period was started off with fear and anxiety has now become a part of our lives. At first, we were all anxious due to the uncertainty that lay ahead but in due course, we’ve all managed to accept the fact and get over the anxiety. It is about how you have made your way through them and the lesson learned in 2020. It is safe to say that despite being a rough year, we’ve learned several critical lessons and new opportunities, if not for today, then for 2021 and the future.
The COVID-19 pandemic is giving an opportunity for restructuring the present conventional, classroom based educational system to online mode education programs. We see a surge in contact free economy which accelerated the growth of digital health care and a huge shift to online shopping. The peaceful reclamation of public spaces by wild animals during lockdown is teaching us important lessons to rethink their relationship with the nature.
All of us learnt the meaning of work-life balance, where you were working from home, Kids got bored in their homes, parents were busy in house chores activities and in between all those odds, some of us had panic attacks and emotional disturbances. We also learned how to adapt quickly to different lifestyles in such changes circumstances. In less than a year, we’ve adapted, reinvented our workflows, and completely reimagined our society. The lessons learned from our collective experience of adversity has proven that how we’re thinking differently in 2021 and beyond. Truly, the coming years will be the year of growth, innovation and adaptation.
Let us thank God, for giving us a chance to survive this pandemic where many have lost their lives. We are lucky to survive this disease. Probably there is a purpose for our survival. Let us accomplish it and leave this world with a smile of achieving our goal in coming years. As we are near the end of 2020, it feels as if we’re going to end it on a negative note. Uncertainty still looms all around us as we approach 2021.
Hari Singh
GDC Ramnagar