COVID-19 in new variant and its peaking


Omicron, as the new variant of COVID-19 virus is known, is believed to peak in most parts of the country in the coming two weeks, even a few days more than that as predicted by the experts with this hope that no complacency or taking chances with the caution, care and the circumspection in respect of COVID preventive measures should innocently or deliberately be attempted by people in any form whatsoever. This variant, it may be reiterated, is called the ”variant of concern” due to its characteristics of rapid transmission and that is why in many parts of the country, community transmissions could not be ruled out. In Jammu and Kashmir too , the variant seems to be heading towards touching the peak and that is why, daily caseload of infections in both the regions of the UT, there is an alarming surge, not to speak of the number of those succumbing to the virus. We feel it our abundant duty to convey to people, through these lines to very strictly observe Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) and other precautionary safety protocol to prevent its spread. Each one of us has such a duty to convey to as many people as possible so that the third wave passes away as soon as possible.