Court orders in regional languages

Unity in diversity of India is a role model for the rest of the world. The diverse culture and regional languages are the hidden beauties of diverse India. Though English and Hindi have been the mainstay of communication in official circles yet regional languages are the essence of respective areas and efforts are always on to promote the same at all levels. Scores of regional Doordarshan channels and radio channels as well as the status of official language to numerous regional languages have made them survive and grow. Part of school curriculums and permitted to be used in official local communication have made it all possible. PM Modi has been pitching for the availability of court judgements and the suggestion by the Chief Justice of India to provide judgement copies in regional languages is remarkable. It is not as tough as we think as in this technology age artificial intelligence can make it possible in no time. Once implemented it will help poor and rural litigants who are versed in their mother tongue only as such judgements in English or Hindi are a stumbling block for them. No more days of dissonance, we may use different languages but our song of unity will be in resonance only.
From Jammu and Kashmir’s point of view, English and Urdu have been the main languages. Recently only Dogri got the official language status and efforts of the LG Administration are on to introduce Dogri in the official communique. GAD is the first one to introduce with the help of the Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture and Languages but lack of staff has been a major hindrance that the administration should look into. The lack of translators in the courts is another stumbling block and practical problem, in the Jammu zone majority are not well versed in Urdu and In Kashmir, Dogri is not part of any curriculum, a typical situation for any government. But efforts are on to move things in the right direction as lots of local sentiments are attached. Initiation by CJI is very much appreciated and will provide much life to regional languages.