Country facing financial stress, says former PM Deve Gowda

BENGALURU: Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda said on Thursday the country is facing financial stress and noted that never in the past money was drawn from the Reserve Bank of India.

“There is financial stress in the country. For the first time, money has been drawn from the RBI. So far as I know never ever in the past, money was drawn from the RBI,” Gowda said at a press conference at the party office here.

He was referring to the RBI’s decision to transfer Rs 1.76 lakh crore of dividend and surplus reserve to the Government.

Gowda said, “Whatever the previous RBI governors (Urjit Patel and Raghuram Rajan) and deputy governor (Viral Acharya) have spoken is already there in the public domain.” (AGENCIES)