Countering the fake narrative

Dr Satya Dev Gupta
Quoting dialogue from the Bollywood movie “Kashmir Files” a female actor, Pallavi Joshi who acted as a professor Radhika Menon committed to Left-wing ideology in JNU like university narrated “Although they have the governing authority the system of implementation of Government policies lies with us” The film is based on a true story depicting the atrocities on Kashmiri Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits) 32 years ago, 19th January 1990, in the present context of Narendra Modi Government, where some assertive civil society members of the judiciary system, journalism, media, universities, trade unions, Bollywood, socio-political groups etc. become obstacles to enactment and execution of laws or reforms beneficial for the society. The recent incident of Jahangir puri in Delhi could be cited where Supreme Court is moved to execute a matter of petty affair. The statements are being issued even against the Supreme Court judgements. There are many instances where this intelligentsia had taken a stand on wrong matters and put a formidable resistance against the government in implementing the policies beneficial for the society.
Introduction of system
As living beings have different systems for working and keeping themselves healthy, similarly different organizations, corporations, countries and even the world must depend upon efficient, logical, productive and effective methodology for existence, progress and keeping alive. We are confining to our own country in this article. Here are the few headings under which the system modality can be unfolded.
Education plays a vital role in bringing up and building individuals and society. We had a wonderful heritage of system of education in our country. We had Guru Shishyas traditions, where all the persons irrespective of caste and creed could get the instructions and schooling in the Ashrams. We had different ancient Universities, and important institutions of learning like Takhashila, Nalanda, Vikrashila, Ujjain, Kashmir Smast, Sharda Peeth, Pushpagiri Vihara etc which were plundered physically by barbarian invaders. During the British period, it was T.B.Macauley who planned to destroy tactically the Indian system of education, self-esteem, and spiritual and cultural heritage. This is decoded from his speech delivered in British Parliament on 2nd February 1835. He did acknowledge the progress made by Indians in various fields of science, culture, arts, civic management, mathematics etc. but at the same time proposed the ways to rule this country for longer-term. If they (English) succeed in infusing an idea in their (Indian) minds that what all from foreign and British is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem and they will become a truly dominated nation. British policy prevailed and continued in post-independent time by the efforts of the followers of Macaulay but the sons of the soil.
First Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who was from Saudi Arabia, penned a book ” India wins freedom” has controversial notes in the latest edition released after his death, never received formal education and was self-taught in English. and learned traditional Islamic education from his scholarly father. Sir Sayyad Ahmed Khan, a controversial personality first to recite the Two Nations Theory. Maulana Azad gave an impetus to the Arabic Madrasa system of education in free India. Indian system of education was based on Western outlook of Nehruvian philosophy, Left-wing Ideology, and Islamic doctrines for almost 70 years. This period was dominated by the Government, aided and definite agenda carried by left leaned persons including politicians, scholars, historians, bureaucrats etc. who moulded and modified the “System” in a way as suited them. As a policy matter, the Left has fundamental doctrines to infiltrate all the key holding systems like education, trade unions, media, journalism, intelligentsia, bureaucracy, judiciary and vital positions in other setups.
They demonized everything concerning India, traditional culture and Hindus. Age-old history was distorted, the brutal invaders were glorified, false narratives were coined and the splendid achievements of Indians in past were vilified.
False Narratives
After 2014 as the NDA government led by Narendra Modi took the reins, a series of literature award inclined to Congress, Pseudo-secularists, and Left philosophy started returning their honours to exhibit and reflect that they didn’t want so-called Right-wing, communal and reactionary leaders or party to rule this country. In this course and endeavour, no stone was left unturned for the last seven years. In the recent past on 26th April 2022, they wrote an open letter to Prime Minister with 17 comments and signatures of 108 members of CCG “Constitutional Conduct Group” (An anti-BJP, anti-Modi, Left and Pseudo-secularists with specifically designed agendas). It states ” We are witnessing a frenzy of hate-filled destruction in the country where at the sacrificial altar are not just Muslims and members of the other minority communities but the Constitution itself. As former civil servants, it is not normally our wont to express ourselves in such extreme terms (read more) ……..; this group of dignified personalities has always advocated terms on the lines of fundamental principles of Left liberals, challenging the Constitutional institutions, standing in favour of divisive elements, always condemning Hindu organizations, and have gratified the disruptive forces even at the expense of the sovereignty of the country.
Challenge to “System”
In response on 30th April 2022, “Concerned Citizens” of former judges, ex-diplomats, former public servants and armed forces officers on Saturday backed Modi Government in an open letter written to Prime Minister, signed by 197 dignitaries called the previous letter as “Agenda Driven” and “Politicized” statements are not acceptable. The reality is that this is a manifest political anti-Modi Government exercise which this group undertakes periodically in the belief that they can shape public opinion against the ruling dispensation.” This is a way for them to release their frustration that public opinion remains solidly behind Prime Minister Modi as recent state elections have shown”, the letter said. The letter said ” these open letters repeat the same language, have the same tenor and use biased terms with clear ideological moorings speaks for itself.”
“Strangely, one often notices a striking similarity between the phraseology of CCG missives and utterances in the western media or by western agencies”, it further said. The statement hits out at what is called the ” studied silence of this so-called CCG on unprecedented post-poll violence in West Bengal-which was so serious that the Kolkata High Court had to mandate the National Human Rights Commission to carry out an independent investigation. The letter said the same attitude shapes their reactions to multiple violent incidents in various states ruled by different political parties (premeditated attacks on peaceful processions during Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, and other sacred festivals in Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat and New Delhi) and targeted violation of human rights adversely affecting the livelihood of the poor irrespective of their religion.”
” The reality is that instances of major communal violence have probably decreased under the BJP government, and this is appreciated by the public. This has instigated groups like CCG to highlight beyond proportion sporadic instances of communal violence that no society can entirely eradicate”, it said. Their ” anger and anguish” is not only empty virtue-signaling,but they are also fueling the Politics of hate they seek to combat by attempting to engineer hate against the present government with their patent prejudices and false portrayals”, said “Concerned Citizens”,
There are total of 197 Signatories to the letter including ex-Chief Justice to Sikkim High Court Pramod Kohli, ex-Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal, former foreign secretary Shashank and ex-RAW chief Sanjeev Tripathi.
The aggressive student’s agitations, guided by “Agenda Designed Intelligentsia” from some leading universities, against the government have culminated into a violent movement against the country’s sovereignty, may it be for Maqbool Butt, Afzal Guru, lauding Mahishasur and disrespecting goddess Durga to molest and maltreat tolerant, open-minded, and unprejudiced Hindu society. Azad Maidan instance in Mumbai 2012 in UPA government reins marked with 2 deaths, 63 injured, damage of Rupees 2.74 crores and desecration of Amar Jawan Jyoti. In 2020-21 CAA (Citizens Amendment Act) was misinterpreted resulting in months-long agitation and Delhi Riots. Along the same lines, all that was good or bad in the Farmers Bill was not discussed on technical grounds but twisted in such a way by media, politicians, and agitating farmer’s groups that nothing could be churned out from 15 months of struggle resulting in a situation where neither farmers nor government got any fruit out of this scuffle: and all that happened on Republic day (26th January 2021) shall be reminded as the Blackest Day in the democratic history of India. The wrangle that became a rabid bang ended into a whimper as the state assembly election ended. A renowned Economist Gautam Chikermane, vice president of Observer Research Foundation said their appeal would make it diffcult for other governments to propose similar reforms. “The future of farmers has been sealed for the next quarter-century; no political party will have the courage to touch these reforms”
Henceforth it is concluded that all efforts should be done for uplifting the face of the country in every respect. Healthy criticism or discussions on critical matters should always be welcomed and agenda based political misadventures should be discouraged.
(The author is President, Trikuta Samvad Kendra)