Our unethical, greedy and corrupt politicians have turned our democracy into a ‘corruptocracy’ which has affected the economic growth of the country. It is also a misconception and a political lie as being told repeatedly by the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Economic Advisers that inflation shall be controlled within two years and the economy shall have a growth of five percent within another two years. No amount of FDI, reforms can improve the sliding growth till corruption from the highest levels is not eradicated and politicians are not made accountable and answerable for their conduct.
We have seen the consequences of corrupt regimes in Libya and Egypt, corruption and governance cannot run parallel. Though it is not formulated in our Constitution but when corruption in a democracy reaches a high level, it gives birth to a strong people’s movement against corruption as a result of natural justice to strike down corrupt governance.
Yours etc….
Prof. K.K. Gupta
Moti Bazar, Jammu