Corporator has plans to improve civic conditions

People raise host of issues

Sanjeev K. Sharma

JAMMU: Ward Number 45 of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) which includes Digiana Pulli area, Rani Tallab, Preet Nagar, Chib Mohalla and Digiana Ashram area is facing problems of poor lanes and drains while cleanliness in this Ward is also in a shattered state. Not only this, the Ward is facing many other problems too and this came to fore during an interaction with the residents of this Ward.
Prem—a daily wager living in Rani Tallab said that lanes in his area are broken at many places while the drains mostly remain chocked making dirty water to flow on the path making it all tough to walk.
“It becomes all tough for the pedestrians to walk on such path with dirty water forming water logging when some vehicle comes as it splashes dirty water over the pedestrians,” he maintained.
Many people talked about poor street lights in the Ward and said that in evening the streets of this Ward are unsafe for women and other soft targets of anti-social elements as it remains all dark there due to absence of street lights.
Some more people said that many times old people fall due to darkness in the streets during evening hours as the streets are also in bad shape.
Ram Singh of Chib Mohalla—a shopkeeper expressed concern over the increasing use of drugs and other narcotics among the youth of the area.
“It is really a serious issue and the police department should strictly work on it. Also parents of the children should keep a close eye on the activities of their children to check if they are not going on wrong track,” he further said.
Bimla—a housewife in the Ward said, there is no place for garbage disposal in the area and garbage containers are only places at only a few places.
“Under all these circumstances, people are forced to throw garbage here and there including at vacant plots,” she informed.
Many other people complained about stray animals in the Ward.
“Stray dogs and cows are seen playing at garbage dumps and they spread garbage everywhere spoiling the area,” Sarabjit Kour of Preet Nagar said.
She also said that many times these animals become reason behind accidents while the stray dogs have become a terror especially for the children and elderly people of the Ward.
Aryan—a student said that excessive use of poly bags in the area has really become a hindrance in the way of cleanliness.
“Drains are chocked due to poly bags and cows also eat these poly bags from garbage dumps and fall sick,” he said adding that the government should strictly ban these poly bags to solve many problems and to strengthen cleanliness in the city.
Now, with the election of Raj Rani as the Corporator of this Ward people here are expecting that she will soon get the problems of the Ward solved and the Ward will now improve in many ways.
Raj Rani—a housewife became first time Corporator from BJP mandate after she won Urban Local Bodies (ULB) elections with a margin of 96 votes after defeating Raman Deep Kour of Congress who got 1348 votes against 1444 polled to Rani.
In an interview with EXCELSIOR Raj Rani talked about her plans about the Ward.
She said that work on repair of street lights is going on and soon all these lights will be made functional and there will be no problem to the people in walking through these streets even during evening hours.
“Work on lanes and drains was also underway and soon every lane and drain will be set in order,” she further said.
On drug addiction, Rani said that awareness programmes will be started in the Ward soon and the youth will be educated on harms of addiction.
On crime she informed that the Ward is mostly peaceful and barring some stray incidents of thefts there is no crime in the area.
About garbage disposal, the Corporator said that garbage containers are placed at different places in the Ward and are lifted every alternate day.
“The door-to-door garbage collection facility which has been started now will soon be expanded to the entire Ward,” she maintained adding that more Safai Karamcharis and more door-to-door garbage collection autos will be required now.
On poly-bags she appealed to the public of his Ward to stop using these carry bags and asked the concerned authorities to strictly ensure ban on the use of these bags.
She further informed that she is working to get a public park and public bath is the Ward.
“Soon the problem of hanging wires and damaged poles will also be solved as I am in touch with the concerned authorities on this issue,” she informed.
Raj Rani’s husband Balwant Sing is a retired army-man while her children are busy in their jobs.
The Corporator appealed to the public of her Ward to support her for all improvements in the Ward.