Coronavirus presses Reset Button

Agrita Chhibber
In the midst of the panic and fear caused by deadly COVID-19 among homo sapiens, nature finds space to breathe. Lately, humans have forgotten to share it with other breathing organisms who have an equal share on this planet, but the only tragedy is they are unheard by the human race.
If we compare the scenario to “what it was” to “what it is” there is a stark contrast and has a crystal clear visibility which is impossible to be ignored. People and world leaders around the world are trying to bring life back to normalcy which right now is on pause. Efforts are being made by health groups and doctors around the globe, they are working relentlessly day and night to save the populace from this cruel spell.
Things have changed in a matter of days, if you rewind things and see now you hardly notice any human on roads until and unless there is a huge necessity. Shops have been shut, flights and trains have been cancelled, and personal vehicles rule the roads less. Institutions and all the sources of entertainment are locked and people are at their home with their families. It is a very famous quote that “every cloud has a silver lining”, it fits in here too, as in the midst of this cruel spell over us still there is something to look and smile at.
Nature is at its best in the current scenario. It is reclaiming its space due Coronavirus, probably a blessing in disguise for the animals, birds and plants. The pollution level has dropped at a great level, water bodies like river Tawi are flowing in their own course not interrupted by unwanted stoppages by plastic bags that are constantly being emptied into it, harming the living organisms inside it. More humans started to step back by not moving out, nature has begun to reclaim its long lost space of which it was devoid of. With low air pollution, birds have returned to their space which is much cleaner and breathable now. In abroad too, a lot of such sites have been witnessed where birds that were thought to have vanished have now returned back to their homes and enjoying their space. They are moving in and out without any restrictions and human phobia.
It is a season of “Homeoming” after all! Either they are birds or Homo sapiens they all are arriving totheir home from cubicles of work and studies. Humans should learn to co- exist, we being humans do not own this planet, but share it with other living beings.
People are being asked to follow work from home as it is the basic desired step that could save millions from falling prey to this deadly monster. People have somewhat started appreciating simple things and values in their life. At such times human being starts to realize what is most important?Human lives or Building world economy. Smashed economy can be built with hours of work and a dint of hard work, but a lost human life cannot be revived back to life!
Even, our own city Jammu seems like it is relaxing and taking some time of its own to rejuvenate itself from all the previous hard days and is preparing for the future. Everything has been shut in order to maintain proper awareness among its citizens.
This situation may seem dark and vague, but still this article tries to throw light on the aspects that could make your day a little better. In this phase of “Self-Quarantine”, where everyone feels caged in their house, it is better to utilize the given time to learn something new or perfect any art you have been trying to do. At this time when moving out in the city has been prohibited, make a journey to your inner self folks! A pause in this scenario is a good time to realize what you lack inside and what all needs to be changed. It is a time for self-realization and self-improvement. Time to seek inside!
“I am trying meditation and reading a lot about spirituality, to gain a deeper insight on what really matters. All this time I was so busy running out and performing duties that I really forgot to sit back and contemplate on life. Now, I am utilizing my time to the fullest” said by Vidhushi Sharma.
“I am trying to focus more on my weaker areas. At this time I am completely into my studies and making much of my time.” said by Pranav Sharma a student.
“I have a really busy work schedule and now is the time when I can look forward to groom myself in a physical and spiritual way. In our busy lives we don’t get time to ponder over various aspects, but now is the time when I can write something or just analyze my life over the years.” said by Simi Mahajan.
There are a whole lot of things that can be done to make the situation in your favor. Don’t be a host to an unwanted virus and do not give it a gift of life by moving out of your space. This is a time that has been given to humans and of course nature to heal from all the wrongs done. During this time when pause button has been pressed it is advisable to play, rewind in order to focus on what needs to be changed and improved upon. Focus on yourself and stop virus from multiplying in great numbers, stay indoors and let it remain unborn. Bill Gates in one of his TED talk has talked about a virus dramatically more devastating than Ebola for which our civilization is not yet prepared, and the key pieces in combating the virus are strengthening our health systems in poor countries, to create medical corps, pair medical and military, need to do simulations to understand the loopholes, and having great technology. It won’t be wrong to say that deadly virus presses a reset buton.
Instead, of letting virus multiply exponentially inside the human body by not following preventive measures, won’t it be great to let values and qualities to multiply inside us by following self-quarantine. Agree?