Corona the Virus Respect it or do what you’re afraid to do

Arjun Singh Rathore
On 18th of March I got my first jab of vaccination and all of a sudden I felt like a superman who can beat the virus and this thought made me to behave carelessly and perhaps I did all those things which I was avoiding for the last one full year. And here comes the open invitation to Mr. Virus. On 22nd of March exactly four days after my first jab at around 10:30 in the night I had the first attack in the shape of shivering, but still I didn’t realise and thought it is because of sudden change in weather. But on 23rd morning I was stuck in the bad with acute body aches. The virus entered my fortress and on second day when I got myself tested it was positive with a very heavy load. It was still normal for me but the nightmare stuck, when I got my whole family tested for corona and I can’t forget the shocker of my life when my whole family my 79 year old mother with a number of co-morbidity, my wife & my daughter all were positive. And the culprit was none other than me who brought this enemy in my house. Now we all were in a war zone having a guerrilla war with an invisible enemy. But it was again the high spirits of the commander, my 79 year old mother, yet veteran but who not only kept her feet firm and strong but also encouraged us to fight this deadly enemy. We all followed the protocol religiously and by the blessings of Shri Vasuki Nag ji Maharaj we all won and turned negative on 8th of April.
Dear friends, these almost sixteen days were the toughest days of our life, all of us were positive and stuck/isolated in different rooms. The news of our ailment went like a wild fire and we started receiving a number of phone calls of our friends and colleagues. Sometimes these high numbers of phone calls do irritated but in the end it was the concern, wishes and prayers of you people who made us to pass through these tuff times. No regrets with relatives, although I wished someone among them must have called and said your son is negative we will take him to our house so that he doesn’t get infected, but thank god no one did so, and today it gives me a sense of happiness and satisfaction that the youngest family member my son took a very well care of the whole family. As all were down with Covid, I also wished, can anyone of my relatives give a call and say “I am standing at your door, you please open the door and I will drop some cooked food in disposables and till you all guys recover I will keep on doing the same.” But jaan tho sab ko payari hai, my wishes were hypothetical, I should not expect this from anyone. But here I can’t resist of mentioning one name Aaloo @Vicky, agar tum na hoty tho shayad hum itni jaldi theek bhi na huye hoty. Yaariyaan Zindabad.
Din tho kissi terah beet jata tha but it was night so long and so horrified. On bed with no energy to get up and no sleep in eyes, I always kept on watching the wall clock or the watch on the mobile screen, and in the morning the first thing I use to do to check on the doors whether all of us are alive to see the sunlight of the day. The sheer imagination of this though sends the shivers down the spine but ‘agar who din nahi rehy tho yeh bhi nahi rehyengey’ and this nightmare do passed.
End is well everything is well, and thank god we all survived but the thing of sharing all this is not to get any sympathy but to share my feelings that everyone can’t be so lucky to beet this virus and who knows when we can get into the second encounter.
My aim is not to make you guys horrified but the purpose of this write-up is to share my experience with all the readers, the pandemic is not over and the virus has not gone anywhere, it is around us, and it enters the home of those who invite it. The symptoms have changed, like the old strain, I didn’t experience the fever or the persistent cough, but it was the symptoms of the new strain. I had aches and pains, sore throat, diarrhea, headache, rashes on the skin and loss of smell. But the precautions and the treatment are the same. To avoid it, as a refresher, I will again repeat, Masking in public places, Repeated Handwash or Sanitizing of hands, Keep Distancing of atleast six feet and if no urgency Stay at Home and Stay Safe. And treatment is also the same Isolation and Isolation, with repeated Steam Inhalation, Drink lot of hot water, a little bit of Breathing Exercises/Yoga along with the usual Medication as prescribed by your Physician.
And the most important if you are illegible get yourself vaccinated at an earliest; it was the vaccination, which is responsible for the survival of my 79 year old mother with a number of co-morbidity and me too who was having a heavy viral load recovered in due course only because of my first jab of Covishield.
We could perceive, through observation that nature does not hurry. It is never in haste, everything happens in due course. Look at the Sun, it religiously rises in the morning and sets in the evening. This has gone on for centuries, and it will continue to do so for centuries to come but I doubt if we kept on fiddling with the nature like we did in case of creation of Corona virus, the Sun might stop shinning and plunge the mother earth in darkness forever.
Whatever is good for your soul, do that, but if you can’t respect the virus than please always do what you’re afraid to do.
(The author is Executive Manager & Branch Head in JK Bank Marble Market Jammu)