Control drugs epidemic in Jammu

It seems difficult to think on other options than to give a deserved rap on the knuckles to those in the administration who have been treating casually the fast spreading of using drugs and other narcotic substances especially by the young age groups of below 30 years, who as per a study, comprise 80 per cent of the drug addicts. ‘Excelsior’ has, on continuous basis been highlighting the horrors of the growing drug menace in Jammu and Kashmir , particularly in Jammu and the need of not only spreading awareness across every nook and corner of the state but girding up loins by the Police, Intelligence and other state administrative apparatus to launch a war on producing, stocking, trading, carrying , selling and transporting drugs and other intoxicants, was paramount.. Though sporadic seizures and arrests are made, yet that all is just the proverbial a drop in the bucket. Please save our youth, our future, the strength and the hope of Jammu besides individual families.
Should the study not send waves of shock and consternation that our young students comprise 70 percent of the age group of below 30 years who have become drug addicts? Rural areas form the backbone of any state as the in habitants are robust, healthy, courageous and enterprising. Scorching sun and chilly winds are easily and equally braved by them but when it is learnt that maximum number of the addicts is from the rural background and are users of heroin which generally is an imported item from across the border , it is a jolt for all of us who know the ramifications of it in the long run. An addict can go to any extent , even causing the most prized and respected legacy of the agricultural land caused to be mortgaged or even sold , at times just for a song to get money to buy the lethal kick. Whose devilish planning and diabolical mechanisations are all these to rob this part of the nation of the tremendous human resource and potential huge contribution towards nation building, must be the guiding force of the Government and the administration in dealing with the menace decidedly and decisively.
Drop outs at the crucial stage of graduation forming 53 percent of students as per the study under reference, must be a cause of grave concern as to how drug use was ultimately but swiftly consuming those who consumed it for a drowsiness kick , making them totally oblivious of social responsibilities in addition to not caring two hoots for building self career and how to lead respectable individual life. Addicts were found to be more in number whose background was from a nuclear family than those from a joint family . The gap was unimaginably huge with 84 percent to 17 percent proportion. Pursuing materialist gains and pursuits to achieve which, both the spouses move out for most of the day to earn for the family , thus leaving their sons and daughters not only to fend for themselves but providing enough room and space for isolations where devils and ghosts find a cake walk to invade them in the form of drugs and narcotics as practically no one in the family who would matter, remains present to counter the invasion. This results in the inevitable as only one bite does the job which the alert and watchful parents could otherwise avert and nip the disaster in the bud itself.
Prevention being the best recourse and time tested resolution of an imminent problem , it is hard to comprehend as to what was the fun of reckless parents crying when the milk was split and down on a sloppy path ? Especially so, when the addicts contract various diseases and infections like HIV and incurable liver diseases. Shared needles by them in the heat of injecting the ‘poison’ leads to spreading of the catastrophe with more speed than even visualised. The need of the hour is to stem the rot and the rut after extensively going in for the hunt and to nab each and every conduit involved in one or the other form, smashing sale and purchase outlets , destroying channels and transportation modules especially during nights and wee hours and treating the fight against the menace of drug use, next only in importance to fighting terror, otherwise it would be too late to retrieve the position.