Contributing the Nation’s agricultural sector as Parul University receives permissions for agricultural education.

The significance of the agricultural sector towards maintaining the nation’s economic and social welfare has been upscaling the demand for a skilled manpower who get to play the crucial role of helping the farmers in navigating the sector. As a way of supplementing this demand, the Government of Gujarat extended to Vadodara based Parul University, permissions to nurture and train students into becoming agricultural experts. Through these permissions, the University will be running various streams of agriculture from the B. Sc in agriculture program to the Diploma and in agricultural engineering program and the Diploma and in diary technology program. These permissions have made Parul University, the first private higher educational institution in Gujarat to receive permissions for agro based education from Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Education, Govt. of Gujarat.

Opening the doors for the privatisation of agriculture within the Nation and State at large has been an honour awarded only to a countable number of institutions and these grants were only given upon vigilance and due diligence on the part of the government. Parul University was not an exception to this due diligence process, as a series of inspections were conducted in order to weigh the University’s capacity to deliver quality agricultural education to its students.

In addition, as a way of providing students with a comprehensive and quality learning experience within the field of agriculture, the University has been aligning its resources towards the promotion and development of numerous resources which are vital towards the effective delivery of agricultural education. Some of these resources include a designated 220 acre of agricultural land ofwhere students get to engage in various cultivation processes, a 40 Hectare Instructional Agronomy Farm, Crop Museums, 28 Hectare of Horticulture Farms, 28 Hectare of Instructional Farm for practical crop production and Meteorological observatory.  Other resources go on to include greenhouses amongst numerous agro based laboratories for in-house experimentation and research. On top of these the University has put in place skilled academic instructors and expert agricultural resource persons who get to nurture and develop the students within this field of study.

The University has seen the granting of these permissions not only as a duty to teach the students, but also as an obligation to the nation to produce, skilled and dedicate agricultural human resources who have the ability to assist the farmers, either in their subsistence or commercial farming purposes. “As a University we have been playing a vital role in producing and developing students with ample skills and sharp minds, who have been contributing to the development of our nation in the various sectors of the economy. In the same way, through these permissions, we also maintain our commitment towards producing the same level of experts, with ample competencies, and sufficient skill sets to assist the farmers in the making of well-informed decisions, so that they can get maximum benefit from their agricultural produce and boost their livelihood. We express our gratitude to the State Government for us granting the opportunity to contribute to this noble academic venture,” said the University’s President Dr. Devanshu Patel.