Contractual Lecturers in J&K

Uncertainty is prevailing in respect of college contractual lecturers in Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh (erstwhile state of J&K) and their future is hanging in balance. In view of enormous vacant posts of college lecturers in various Govt. Degree Colleges and also consequent upon the opening of many new Govt. Degree Colleges across erstwhile State of Jammu & Kashmir, the then State Government appointed contractual college lecturers on academic arrangement from time to time and as such, at present, there are approximately 2500 such contractual college lecturers throughout erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir (now two Union Territories).
These temporarily appointed class of educated rather highly educated class of youth are leaving no stone unturned in discharging their duties with utmost dedication and hard work in view of the huge accumulated un-employment among the educated youth of erstwhile state and the successive State Governments have had outrightly failed in providing jobs to the educated youth.
These helpless educated people are working sincerely and thereby so many degree colleges have been made to function and the future of students falling under respective areas of these colleges is being protected and safeguarded particularly in the areas where such Govt. Degree Colleges have been opened newly.
Moreover, the then State Government of Jammu & Kashmir coined a new policy of appointing contractual college lecturers and these highly educated people are exploited for a meager amount which is promised to be paid to them and unfortunately even in the appointment letter of such appointment there is no mention of this meager amount of salary proposed to be paid. However, in view of rampant un-employment in the erstwhile state these hapless educated people felt lucky even to be appointed on such arrangement under the prevailing circumstances of un-employment. This fact is to be viewed seriously as to how these educated class of people are being made to work without paying them wages.
See the height of things that at one stage of time the Higher Education Department of the government of J&K state issued one order No. 472-HE of 2019 dated 23-08-2019 whereby re-designating college contractual lecturers as Need Based Teachers like daily wagers and consequently these hapless people were forced to resort to agitation and Dharnas particularly in Jammu Division.
I earnestly appeal to the authorities concerned more particularly to the newly appointed Lieutenant Governor (LG) of J&K- Girish Chander Murmu – to kindly take sympathetic consideration about the miserable plight of these college contractual lecturers and kindly pass orders so that their salaries and working system is brought at par with other Union Territories of India and these hapless and neglected working educated youth of Jammu and Kashmir can heave a sigh of relief.
Dr. Amar Chand Bhagat
Chairman J.K Mission Lok Adhkaar