Continuation of alliance would have been against national interest: JK BJP

JAMMU:  The BJP today said that the decision to pull out from the PDP-led Government in Jammu and Kashmir is a well-thought one as continuation of the alliance would have been against national interest.

Chief spokesperson of J&K BJP Sunil Sethi said the insistence of the PDP for extension of the period of suspension of operations and soft approach towards militants, Pakistan and separatists were hurting the nationalistic sentiments not only in Jammu and Kashmir but across the country .

“It is well thought decision in the given circumstances as continuation of the alliance would have been against national interest,” he told reporters here.

Sethi said that the BJP has proved to one and all that for it staying in power is not significant when it comes to national interest.

The party has always maintained the policy of ‘nation first’, he added.

He said Mehbooba Mufti’s party had underestimated the resolve of the BJP thinking that the PDP will always have its ways in all matters.

A message has been sent to it and all forces inimical to national interest that there is strong resolve of the nation to stay together and be ready for any sacrifice for the unity and integrity of the country, Sethi said.

According to him, now is the time for an all-out war against militants and their supporters and give them no place to hide and run.

Sethi noted that the BJP joined the government with a firm belief that the coalition will work for the people and provide honest and responsive government.

But it was highly unfortunate that our partner was always against taking strong measures against enemies of the nation.   Expecting that India would bow to have dialogue with separatists or Pakistan and its armed stooges is indicative that PDP was living in a fool’s paradise, he claimed. (AGENCIES)


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