Construction of indoor sports halls

How despite there being ample funds available for a prestigious project of developing adequate sports infrastructure like constructing indoor sports halls etc and modernising two main sports stadiums in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir , various deadlines in completion thereof have been missed . As on date, only one such sports hall is completed. Where does, in fact the problem lie seems like nothing short of a riddle. Union Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports had announced way back in 2016-17, a developmental package of Rs.200 crores for construction of a sports hall in each district as also renovation of MAM Stadium and Bhakshi stadium , in Jammu and Srinagar respectively.
Despite funds having been allocated for each of the project and one year having been thought as reasonably sufficient to complete the work , it was found that the period of one year, reckoning by the benchmark established by the ‘standards’ of such works in Jammu and Kashmir , was too scant for the work to be completed in and the timeline having been extended by another year , it is again found that excepting one sports hall , the construction work of which was executed by the Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council, at Ramnagar in Udhampur the work on other Halls was still incomplete . Some alibi in respect of the works in Kashmir could be given some credence for one year but definitely not for another one , it is intriguing as to what problem in Jammu region was encountered by the respective executing agencies in not completing the project even after two years. The biggest lacunae in the system , got established somehow as per conventions and convenience, are absence of monitoring and follow up as also the aspect of accountability . Once these ingredients are employed in the system as an established practice with clauses of awarding penalties, such a lackadaisical approach of not sticking to time schedules would continue to rule the roost.
Another problem with such projects is as to who would inaugurate them on completion and perhaps for purposes of facilitating matching of availability of the concerned VIP for inauguration , the finishing touches and formal declaring of completion go with those calculations . It may not be necessarily true of these indoor sports halls but the same cannot be overruled too . However, in sports and allied promotional measures for sports, especially in Jammu and Kashmir, special care was needed to be taken for more reasons. Firstly, sports and sports activities in the UT are in no way at par with other states and UTs with equal talent and opportunities , in fact we lag behind phenomenally. Secondly, such activities are needed for channelizing the youth into positive and productive channels to pre-empt any fishing in troubled waters by anti-national elements, drug peddlers and similar unwarranted factors. Recently held football match in Srinagar between Mohun Bagan and Real Kashmir teams attracted large enthusiastic crowds of students, youth and even older people especially comprising young females in large number was an indication of the talent and the love for sports of the people which needed to be tapped and facilitated to prove that the channel of sports could play a significant role in bringing in complete normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir and place the UT prominently on the sports map of India.
Perhaps, for these very reasons also, construction of sports indoor halls coupled with renovation and up-grading of the two prominent sports stadiums in Jammu and Kashmir was mooted by the concerned Union Ministry and financial package for the concerned projects announced . It is for the UT Government to see and ensure that the work on all branches of the project was expedited and completed for which on the spot assessments should be made by concerned district authorities by regularly visiting the actual construction spots.