Constitution Day

This has reference to the Constitution Day Celebrations in the country.
The Nation celebrated the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution with great zeal and fervour. There were speeches and pledges by our legislators and men of law. On this day, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid emphasis on people’s duties. So far so good. But one wonders whether our legislators whom we elect after casting votes really care for the rights of the citizens. Most of the times it has been found that our legislators do not care much for the welfare of people by not shouldering their responsibilities enshrined in the constitution. Had people been given their rights, today our courts may not have been overburdened with law suits. One has to knock the doors of courts to seek justice, to get rights due to him.
Unless we respect the Constitution in letter and spirit, speeches and celebrations do not have any meaning for people.
Rajat Rasgotra