Constituency Development Fund

That some positive political activities in the State be restored in Jammu and Kashmir which is under Governor’s rule for two months now, it has been decided that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) can be used by the MLAs and to this effect, previous orders to the contrary have been reversed. These funds, it may be reiterated, are for developmental works in the State which it needs especially in areas like basic needs of the people, better roads, lanes, lighting of streets and lanes, better sanitary conditions, cleansing of overflowing and stinking deep drains, bettering the condition of primary and middle schools, drinking water associated problems, open space and parks for people and host of other associated facilities.
Fresh works can be recommended by the legislators till the end of next month under the new order .Those works could find space in the pipelines of execution process while all ongoing works under the CDF will continue and completed as per the timelines. The only expectation of the citizens from both the legislators as well as from the agencies executing the works presently or expected to do in the very near future is that the quality and standard of the works should never be compromised at any level and not only that the “Fund” has somehow to be spent. That precisely is the biggest problem.
Political activities, on the other hand, are not confined to only how CDF was spent for the “improvement” of the facilities of the people in respective constituencies but include frequently meeting people, listening to their problems, overseeing facilities in hospitals and public dispensaries, moving from localities to localities and acquainting the public about which schemes were introduced by the Central and State Governments and how best they could make use of them and not only rarely holding of small public meetings to oppose and berate political opponents alone. Political activities should not be confined to campaigning during a few days of election fervor only. We do not quite agree that political activities had come to “a standstill” only because CDF spending was suspended. It is something more than that and wider than thought on those lines.