Consistency – A Power to Relish

Siddharth Mahajan– Insta ID

“Motivation is what gets you going, Consistency is what gets you growing”
This quote applies to some of world’s greatest leaders, athletes and entrepreneurs. The peoples who made a mark are not necessarily the most talented or the most intelligent, but they are more consistent.
Dhirubhai Ambani- used to sell bhajia’s at the age of 15, became the 1st Indian entrepreneur to be listed in forbes 500 with a worth of $ 1.2 Billion.
Shahrukh Khan – one of the highest paid and fourth richest actor in the world was paid Rs 50 as his first salary.
Michael Jordan- the greatest basketball player, world has ever seen was cut out from his high school basketball team and missed 9000 shots in his career.
One of the common and strongest driving force for all of them has been consistency. Despite repeated failures what kept them on their toes was the fact that they all were consistent with their endeavours.
So, why is being consistent so important?
Whether you want to build a business, flourish in your job, accomplish your fitness goals, consistency, will always be the key. Moreover, not being consistently focussed, chances are you will revert to your old patterns and habits.
As the 21/90 Rule says- “You do something for 20 days, it becomes your habit, you do the same thing for 90 days it becomes your Lifestyle”.
We always have an issue with consistency, if we don’t see immediate results, we are inclined to quit. And that is where consistency comes in. None the less, we are what we repeatedly do, apparently means we need to keep hitting, grinding and thriving for what we aim for, failures will be part, but continuous and consistent efforts is what will lead to desired results.
Here are few tips to be more consistent:
Plan & Act
Besides select few people who stay organised at work, most of us just end our day without any plan or “to do list”. The ultimate test which decides our result is our day to day progress. Without a proper planner, more than often, we tend to derail from endeavours that lead us to our goals, hence we end up de-motivated and even quit on our goals. Penning down your tasks and taking them one on one is surely a technique which ensures productivity and progress.
Adopt Fitness Lifestyle
Hitting out on your yoga mat or gym as the first thing in the morning and you’re more likely to make better decisions throughout the day. Research shows that brain functions on a higher level post workout. In fact, we feel in an elated state of mind after a workout as (every time we workout) it releases happy and mood enhancing hormones which eventually kick starts our days in a vibrant and lively manner. Moreover it gives us a huge sense of accomplishment and confidence when we know we have done something to make our body strong, both, physically and mentally.
A Healthier Relationship with Stress
Stress is inescapable and inevitable. As we can’t control stressful situations in our life, we can control how to respond to them. Change of mind set is what helps. The most effective way to cope up with stress isn’t to avoid it, but instead to embrace it. Knowing and working on how tackle stressful situations, works strongly in your favour. Moreover, knowing how to manage stress will let you focus on your goals.
Align your Thoughts
Thoughts become things. If you can see it in your mind, you will hold in your hands. Its pertinent that we align our thoughts with our goals to fetch the results we desire. Our thoughts are directly proportional to our goals. Starting our day with an encouraging and winning thought is the way to kick start your day.
Surround yourself with Positive people
The people you spend time with can influence your thoughts and attitude about yourself, perhaps more than you realise. So pay attention to how others make you feel. Stick around with people who love you, encourage you and bring the best out of you. It acts as an important tool to be consistent, as it helps to build your self-belief and self-confidence.
Celebrate small victories
Momentum is a secret to achieving your goal. The way you build momentum, is by making progress. As you accomplish your small goals, make sure you celebrate them. Every time you celebrate it instils a sense of confidence, credence and optimism which in return acts as a fuel to your progress.
(The author is Lifestyle & Fitness Coach/Mentor and Team member 92.7 BIG FM)