Conservation of rich heritage

With the Governor’s administration, hopes were high that it would not follow the same type of indifferent policy towards preservation of rich tangible and intangible heritage of Jammu and Kashmir but making an overall assessment, not only is no concrete work being done on the ground but even implementing the key provisions of law in this regard which was enacted nine years back,is nowhere in sight as no work is being done to that end.
We have enough laws but implementation process is either very weak or the same is not initiated at all defeating the very purpose of a particular law. The same is true of Jammu and Kashmir Heritage Conservation and Preservation Act dealing with all type of heritage say, monuments, precincts, artefacts, sculptures, manuscripts, and different forms of art and literature. How much seriousness towards the issue is there can be seen by the fact that the Jammu and Kashmir Heritage Conservation and Preservation Authority to look into conservation and preservation of rich heritage has not met even once since its formation in late last year. Governor must put the issue on the list of priorities of administration.