Congress to sweep first phase of elections: Azad

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 25: Congratulating the people of Jammu & Kashmir for participating in huge numbers in the poll process in the first phase of Assembly elections, Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha & former Chief Minister of J&K, Ghulam Nabi Azad expressed confidence that Congress party will emerge as a vibrant and strong force by sweeping the first phase of elections.
“The trend of the first phase reinforces the fact that people of the State crave for speedy, equitable and balanced development of the State with adequate employment opportunities for the youth”, said Azad.
He said that a salubrious voice of peace, communal harmony and togetherness has emerged from the far flung and remote areas of the J&K in the first phase and that this agenda of harmony, progress and balanced development will articulate itself in all phases of the elections in the State as against the agenda pursued by sectarian and divisive forces.
Azad said that the deep-rooted spirit of harmony, love and brotherhood has re-asserted itself reviving a new hope and optimism in the hearts and minds of the people,leading to emphatic rejection of retrograde and divisive agenda of sectarian elements.
Asserting that a strong voice in support of development, good governance, inter-regional harmony has emerged from the first phase of elections, Azad said that this is an index of the vitality and strength of the Congress party and this trend is going to continue in all the phases of elections.
Reiterating that the performance of Congress party will dash the hopes and expectations of the so-called political pundits and analysts, he said that people have accepted the agenda of development, good governance, mutual harmony and brotherhood demonstrated by the Congress-led Government from 2006-08.
He said that the Congress-led Government from 2006-08 scripted a new chapter of prosperity and all round development in the State, characterised by fairness, equity and justice; addingthat the trend of the first phase clearly shows an emphatic urge and yearning among the people to revive an era of progress and economic advancement.
He further said that Congress-led Government, in a limited span of time, made a serious and determined attempt to initiate massive developmental activities in the entire State and this infused a new urge and awakening in the minds of the people about the agenda of progress and development.
“Congress party gave a new paradigm of development and growth characterised by efficiency and quick delivery of services, and this model created a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of the people”, said Azad, adding that it is this model of people-friendly and good governance, marked by all round and equitable development of all the regions of the State, which we are presenting before the people of the State.
Azad said that Congress is the only party which can satiate the urges and aspirations of all regions and sections of the State, and that it has the ability to take along all sections and regions of the State.
Describing the post-flood reconstruction a massive challenge before the State, Azad said that Congress-led Government alone can rise upto the challenge of reconstruction and rehabilitation in all parts of the State and set the State on the path of progress and prosperity.
“Credible, time-tested and effective governance is required at this critical juncture which can revive the process of development and meet the expectations of the people in the post-flood situation”, said Azad.


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