Congress indulging in politics of abuses, BJP will not retaliate: Javadekar

NEW DELHI, Mar 17: The Congress is indulging in “politics of abuses” but the BJP will not retaliate and let the people give the response in the parliamentary election, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said Sunday.
“They have stooped to a different level. They refer to the Prime Minister with phrases like ‘gandi nali ka keeda’, ‘maut ka saudagar’, ‘natwar lal’ and Hitler, among other remarks. They are free to indulge in this politics of abuse but BJP will neither react nor retaliate. Let the public give its response in the upcoming elections,” Javadekar told reporters.
“They demean chaiwala, pakode wala and now chowkidar. It shows their mentality, thought process and DNA. If this is the level of debate they can bring to the table we would focus on work and not indulge in this culture of hurling abuses,” he added.
The HRD Minister, when asked about the “Chowkidar” campaign while defaulters like Nirav Modi are on the run, said, “They are on the run because they know that the chowkidar is here. If it was UPA regime, they would have been happily flourishing here. They escaped because they knew that they are in trouble and we will make every effort to bring them back and hold them accountable for their actions.” (PTI)