Congress always at forefront of tackling challenges: Priyanka

LUCKNOW, July 6:
Congress general secretary and UP in-charge Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday asserted that the party has always taken a “leading role” in tackling the challenges posed before the country.
“The Congress has always been taking the leading role in tackling the challenges posed before the country. It very well knows how to discharge its role of sacrificing everything for the country,” Vadra said while addressing a two-day training programme of party workers in Jhansi through video conferencing.
In a statement issued here by the UP Congress, she said, “Today, the situation of the country has become adverse owing to the anti-people policies of the government. Spiralling inflation, poverty, malnutrition, crime and challenges before the democratic values, Constitution and Constitutional institutions, can only be tackled by the Congress. For this, everybody has to play an active role.”
Urging the Congress workers to understand the pain faced by the people, Vadra said, “The history of the Congress has been to reduce the pain of every section of the country. This is our present as well as the future. Hence, our first priority is the country and the people. Stand with them, share their pain, and work hard to help them get rid of the pain.”
She also said that the BJP governments at the Centre and in UP have “committed the sin of pushing people into problems”. The Congress will question the BJP government on inflation, unemployment, increasing prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas, and also stage protests on these issues.
The government jobs are falling prey to corruption and the candidates selected for jobs are moving from pillar to post to get their appointment, she said.
The Congress general secretary also said, “The BJP government has no vision. It is cheating the youth and the unemployed persons, and doing injustice. Instead of answering questions, it speaks lies, and avoids accountability.”
“Several crimes are taking place in Uttar Pradesh. The prominent agenda of the Yogi Adityanath government is exploitation of the Dalits, the deprived and the exploited (sections of the society). Silent support to the criminals is making the situation explosive. The government is as usual far from giving relief to the people,” she further said. (PTI)