Cong , JTC express surprise over fresh registration of migrants

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Mar 1: A joint meeting of Jagti Tenement Committee (JTC) and Soan Kashmir Front (SKF) J&K was held here today under the chairmanship of Shadi Lal Pandita, President of the two organisations. The meeting was attended by office bearers and members of the two organisations.
During the course of meeting the participants expressed their grave concern and surprise over fresh registrations to migrants from Kashmir valley when this process had been stopped during the year 2008.  Pandita said that fresh migration from Kashmir Valley is dangerous and it will lead to serious consequences.
Pandita said that leaders in Coalition Government are extending undue benefits to their blue eyed persons and have managed fresh registration so as to rehabilitate them instead of deserving Pandit Migrant Community.
Pandita said that after the Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their homes and hearths during the year 1990 the identity of the community has Vanished. As such, need has arisen for permanent rehabilitation of the community in Kashmir valley to keep alive its identity.
Pandita said that the remaining posts under Prime Minister’s employment package needs to be filled by affording employment to at least one educated member of each and every migrant family and if after filling the posts by employing at least one member of each and every migrant family, any post remains unfilled the same be filled by suitable eligible candidates.
Meanwhile convener Migrant Cell PCC Ghulam Qadir has also questioned the Government decision to order registration of fresh migrants saying this shows that both union and State coalition have no clear cut policy on Kashmir.
He said on one hand Government is claiming that the situation is limping back to normalcy and planning return and rehabilitation of migrants back to Valley and on the other hand it has started registration of fresh migrants giving confusing signals. This shows that the Government has no concrete policy on return and rehabilitation of migrants and by starting fresh registration Government is admitting that situation is not conducive for return of migrants.
Congress leader while smelling a rat said this is a ploy to deprive the migrants of PM package benefits. He demanded that only those students should be enrolled under the package who have passed their middle, 10th, 12 th classes from outside Valley.


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