Complete Health Centre in Sopore

Even after 15 long years long construction activity, the New Type Primary Health Centre in Sopore’s Botingoo area in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district is still not complete . The reasons are the same “conventional” shortage of funds. Other hospitals in the entire district attending to COVID related patients, people of the area continue to suffer due to absence of health related facilities which this Health Centre could largely cater to. Rural Healthcare deserves to be given the required attention and priority which in the instant case is totally missing. Projects are started without matching funds base and resorting to patch- working exercise , somehow projects like the one under reference are started only to be subjected to intermittent breaks later on due to paucity of funds which in the first instance deserves to be avoided.
We trust the remaining “inner work” like electrification, sanitary fittings and other required renovations , the cost estimate of which is made, would get the administrative approval soon so as to have the Health Centre completed at an early date as the healthcare facilities availed of by the residents of the areas around the Health Centre presently are from a two room arrangement where water , toilets and other basic facilities are nonexistent . Since a long period of 15 years by no reckoning can be termed as genuine , we trust the Health Centre to be complete and operational within a short period.