Competition to name bullet train, design its mascot announced


NEW DELHI, Feb 22: Like Air India has a mascot in Maharaja, India’s first bullet train is all set to get a name and its own identity with NHSRCL announcing a nationwide competition to christen the train which will run from Mumbai to Ahmedabad by 2022.

The National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHRCL) which is spearheading the project has asked for entries for the name and designing of mascot for the train by March 25, a statement said.

“The mascot essentially should be a well designed character which will personify the value system of NHSRCL and will also be able to communicate effectively. Naming the bullet train will provide it an identity which will help people to establish a connect with the bullet train,” it said.

It will be an open online competition on and interested participants can find more details by logging into the website.

The name of the train and the mascot will be shortlisted through a nominated

committee and the winners will be awarded a cash prize along with a certificate

confirming their participation in the contest.

There will be five consolation prizes also in each category.

The logo of the organisation which was adopted in the year 2017 through a similar competition, symbolies speed and is represented by a “cheetah”, while the red and blue lines symbolise calm and reliability. (PTI)