Compensation for JK soldiers

Whatever more in the direction of taking care of the families of martyred soldiers is done, still looking to the supreme sacrifice these lion hearted persons in uniform offer for the country will be counted too less. That being the sort of national devotion towards our soldiers who attain martyrdom setting in highest traditions of soldiery, devotion to duty and demonstration of bravery, the decision of the UT Government of Jammu and Kashmir in according sanction to raise the amount of compensation money for those soldiers hailing from the UT who attain martyrdom in the services of the nation outside Jammu and Kashmir, is quite in tune with expectations of the bereaved families from the Government. The revised amount now stands at Rs.25 lakh as against the existing limit of Rs.5 lakh. The decision taken is in the right direction and, therefore, quite commendable, although such a decision was meriting to be taken earlier all these years.
Needless to add, recently as many as seven soldiers lost their lives in an avalanche during routine patrolling in the state of Arunachal Pradesh out of whom some belonged to Jammu and Kashmir and otherwise reportedly there were several representations pending before the Government in respect of enhancing of such compensation amount as shared by the Lt. Governor while paying tributes to the martyred soldiers. We hope, not only shall such enhanced compensation money be duly paid in such cases but what is expected and thus deserving to be appreciated is doing it with speed under the usual process.