Commitment to eradicate Terrorism in J&K

I write to commend Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s resolute stance on intensifying counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir, as reported on January 6, 2024 is more than welcome. The surge in terror attacks in Rajouri and Poonch districts necessitates a strategic and relentless approach.
The focus on appropriate deployment in vulnerable areas, severing local support, and strengthening security measures is crucial. The Government’s unwavering support for security agencies sends a clear message: terrorism will be eradicated at any cost. As elections approach, it is imperative to maintain vigilance against potential troublemakers.
The collaboration between Jammu and Kashmir Police and other security agencies is commendable. The comprehensive strategy, including legal actions against sympathizers, reflects a commitment to obliterate terrorism from the region. In these pivotal times, we must stand united against terrorism, supporting the government’s unequivocal war on this menace.
Surjeet Singh