Commerce stream in Colleges

This has reference to the article ‘Commerce stream dying in suburban Colleges published in DE some time back.
Prof Javed Mughal. Professor has clearly highlighted the state of Commerce stream in the colleges of J&K. Being a Commerce student myself, I believe that we (students) deserve better facilities in our own J&K. Commerce is a subject, if properly understood, can help one achieve great riches. Its usefulness in the modern society is not hidden from anyone. Comerciians have the intellect to teach the world the wonders of money and how it works. We (students) know the stream’s worth and are prospective about the value which we’ll be providing to the society in future. Considering its importance, I disagree with the writer’s view that the stream is dying because of neglect on the part of students. In some towns of the state (now UT) even if a student is willing, he can’t find a good Connerce teacher or institution. *It is probably the ineffective management of Govt institutions or the teachers having too much job security that has killed the stream in suburban areas.
Teachers who have no passion for the subject they teach but are driven only by the paychecks they receive, have no right to be called a teacher. And a management that cannot motivate its elements to get the work done, doesn’t fit into the definition of management.
Aman Mahajan