Comments by Katiyar, Som reflect mindset of BJP: Cong

NEW DELHI, Oct 18: Describing the comments by senior BJP leaders  Vinay Katiyar and Sangeet Som on Taj Mahal as a reflection of the mindset of the BJP, the Congress on Wednesday called on Prime Minister Narendra modi to take action against people spreading hate in society.
Talking to reporters here, AICC spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi said,”comments made by senior MPs and senior office bearers of the BJP reflect the mindset of the party. It is frightening that such senior leaders think in this manner.
People like Vinay Katiyar and Sangeet Som hold constitutional posts.” Calling on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take strict action against such people, Mr Singhvi said,”if the PM Modi uses even a fraction of the energy, that he spends in following the ‘politics of  vendetta’, to take action against his party leaders spreading hate, such comments can be stopped.
Charging the top leadership of the BJP of encouraging such people, Mr Singhvi, on remarks by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that Taj Mahal had been built with the blood and sweat of people of the country, said,”people are not fools.
They understand everything.” In recent comments, senior BJP leaders Vinay Katiyar and Sangeet Som have described Taj Mahal as a symbol of Mughal rule. (UNI)


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