“Come next week”

Those who today are on the other side of the table sitting on cosy office chair have some day to change side and leave it to lead the moments of the twilight of evening of their life , the same being irrevocable and irreversible law of the nature . So why not be today with a compassionate and helping nature and not repent tomorrow when nothing could be done by them. We are pained to observe thatmany people in old age who are seekers of legitimate right of getting sustenance for old age and demanding payment of old age pension are very often told only to “Come Next Week ” repeatedly . And who are the seekers of legitimate right only comprise widows, disabled, elders in ripe old age etcand District Social Welfare office looks to them a place of being tormented atrather than of getting their paltry monthly dues in time and in hassles free manner.
What is , however, all about not paying the deserving eligible ones their monthly pension and asking them to wait and “come next week” if there are not sufficient reasons for it ? Most of such people remain in urgent need of money to buy medicines and for getting treatment and such a treatment at ” Social Welfare” Officewas nothing short of troubling and harassing them. We urge the authorities concerned to issue stern warning to such members on staff who are keen to receive their pay and salaries in time but are reluctant to pay these deserving ones their legitimate dues and thus indulging in dereliction of duty plus violation of moral values.