Combating climate change

This refers to the World Environment Day which was observed on June 5. For last some decades we have been seeing how climate pattern is changing throughout the world. We have witnessed our mighty rivers and oceans clogged with toxic waste ánd plastic,the death of coral reefs that maintain the ecosystem for diverse marine life,ferocious wild fires swallowing everything in their path,glaciers melting at terrifying speed,rising water levels, heavy rainfall and flooding that destroy and displace in equal measure,droughts and heat wave that scorch the earth and kill vegetation, animals and human life, rising food shortage and large scale climate caused migration. And it is only expected to get worse . Despite growing evidence of the catastrophe posed by climate change there are still some among those occupying the most powerful position in the world who deny the reality of Global warming. In 2015 the Paris Agreement stated that the responsibility for halting climate change rests with each nation. It’s aim was to reduce Global Warming. Unfortunately we are not even close to achieving that goal and green house gases emission continue to increase. As many parts of India are currently gripped by a suffocating heat wave .Policy makers must reflect on whether they are keeping their promise that India is the most vulnerable country to the risk of climate change. For the past few years several parts of the country were enveloped in thick smog at certain times of the year which presents a health emergency. Mortality rate is very high due poor air quality in India. Last but not the least India must take some scientific methods to deal with Global warming besides Swachh Bharat Campaign.
Mool Raj
Bhagota (Panjsoo)