Colombo Security Conclave comes out with 5-point roadmap for boosting cooperation

NEW DELHI, Mar 10: A regional security grouping, comprising India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Mauritius, has agreed on a roadmap to bolster cooperation in five specific areas including maritime security, countering terrorism and radicalisation and cyber security.
The grouping, Colombo Security Conclave, came out with a declaration on Thursday at the end of its two-day meeting in the Maldives.
National Security Advisor Ajit Doval represented India at the conclave.
The five areas identified for boosting cooperation are — maritime safety and security, countering terrorism and radicalisation, combating trafficking and transnational organised crime, cyber security and protection of critical infrastructure and technology and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
The grouping issued a joint statement listing the outcome of the meeting, according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
Delegations from Bangladesh and Seychelles participated at the meeting as observers.
“The member states agreed upon a roadmap for further cooperation and collaboration on these pillars of cooperation,” said the joint statement released by the MEA.
“The roadmap will facilitate robust mechanisms for coordinated responses capacity building and strengthening information flow between member states,” it said.
The delegation from Bangladesh was led by Tarique Ahmed Siddique, Defence and Security Adviser to the prime minister of Bangladesh, and Seychelles was represented by Simon Archange Dine, Chief of Staff of Seychelles Defence Forces.
“As maritime neighbours, facing similar threats, the Conclave reaffirmed their commitment to engage in consistent joint efforts to achieving regional peace and security,” the statement said.
Mauritius is the newest member of the conclave. (PTI)