Colombian trade unions call for resuming protests against tax reform, corruption

Buenos Aires, Sept 10: The Colombian trade unions have called on people to go to protests against the tax reform and corruption on September 28, Francisco Maltes Tello, the head of the trade unions association, said.
“We are inviting all the Colombians to mobilize on September 28 in the name of life, peace and democracy against the new package [of reforms] of [President Ivan] Duque and against corruption,” Maltes said on late Thursday, as quoted by the RCN Radio broadcaster.
He added that the reform had been discussed neither with trade unions nor with non-governmental organizations nor with Congress.
The rallies in Colombia started on April 28 with people protesting against tax hikes, which continued even after the withdrawal of the new legislation. Labor and student organizations demanded social and healthcare reforms, demilitarization of cities, and dissolution of Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron forces.
Over two dozen people died during clashes with law enforcement amid the protests, according to official data, whereas human rights activists reported about more than 80 fatalities.
The Government is currently trying to adopt another tax reform.