Coke Studio Bharat launches Kashmiri song ‘Kya Karie Korimol’

An artist performing in Kashmiri song ‘Kya Karie Korimol’.
An artist performing in Kashmiri song ‘Kya Karie Korimol’.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU/SGR, May 26: Coke Studio Bharat has launched “Kya Karie Korimol,” a Kashmiri song paying tribute to the Wazwan, a symbol of Kashmir’s pride.
The song is part of Coke Studio Bharat’s initiative to celebrate the diversity of music in India, featuring over 50 artists from across the country.
The track, a collaboration between Mohammad Muneem (Alif), Noor Mohammad, and Aashima Mahajan, tells the story of a bride and her father as they prepare for her wedding feast.
“Kya Karie Korimol” explores the rich cultural heritage of Kashmir, highlighting the emotions and traditions of a Kashmiri wedding.
It showcases the vital role of the Wazwan, a culinary heritage associated with the royal wedding feast.
The song also captures the bride’s perspective as she experiences the wedding meal, celebrating the love, tradition, and togetherness shared with family and friends.
The track also features the Wanvun stories, sung traditionally to bless the bride and invoke the care and love of her spouse’s family.
With the success of previous songs like “Udja” (50 million views) and “Holi Re Rasiya” (35 million views), Coke Studio Bharat continues to promote cultural heritage. “Kya Karie Korimol” serves as a captivating tribute to Kashmiri weddings, reminding listeners of the significance of love and respect in relationships.
Mohammad Muneem (Alif) describes the song as a journey through the emotions of a bride on her wedding day.
“The aim was to capture the essence of Kashmiri weddings and the role of Wazwan in uniting people,” he said.
Noor Mohammad and Aashima Mahajan express their gratitude for being part of a song that celebrates Kashmiri traditions and culture, and emphasizes the importance of love and care.