Coalition must clear stand on “Ek Nishan, Ek Vidhan”: NPP

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 14:  While ridiculing the high voltage drama enacted in the civil secretariat over the issue of a controversial order by GAD regarding State flag and its subsequent withdrawal,  JK NPP  chairman and former Minister Harshdev Singh  accused the coalition partners of indulging in tantrums and dramatics merely with the objective of addressing their respective political constituencies.
Questioning the rationale behind issuance of the said GAD’s order mandating the use of State flag in all offices and buildings housing the constitutional authorities including the vehicles of such authorities along with the National flag, Mr  Singh observed that the said provisions already existed in law. He said that the constitution of J&K besides other State laws explicitly and in very unambiguous terms provided for a separate State flag. He said that J&K constitution which governs the functioning of the State categorically provides in Section 144 that the “Flag of the State shall be rectangular in shape and red in colour with three equidistant white vertical stripes of equal width next to the staff and a white plough in the middle with handle facing the strips. The ratio of length of the flag to its width shall be 3:2”.
He said that the “J&K Prevention of Insult to the State Honours Act 1979” further provides in Sec 2 that whosoever brings into contempt the flag of the State or constitution of J&K or any part thereof could be punished with imprisonment for a term which could extend to three years. He said Delhi Agreement of 1952 further provides for the use of State flag along with National flag.  Mr Singh said that under such circumstances, the issuance of the order by GAD defies logic as the constitutional authorities are obliged to use both the national as well as the State flag even in the absence of a circular.
The NPP leader said two flags are still flying over the civil secretariat buildings, seat of Ministers offices as well as on the vehicles of Ministers and other constitutional authorities. With State flag already being used in accordance with the special status conferred by the constitution, Mr Singh lampooned the haughty claims of the Saffron Party that it has forced the withdrawal of GAD circular which in BJP’s perception was issued by the PDP led Govt  in furtherance of its agenda of strengthening 370.


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