Climate of hostility fostered for electoral gains ruins country: Abdullah

BJY for country’s unity, against hatred

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Jan 25: National Conference president Farooq Abdullah today said that the climate of hostility being fostered in the country for mere electoral gains is driving the nation away from welfare and towards ruin.

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Abdullah who was at Aushmuqam in Anantnag district to attend a condolence meeting told reporters that it is horrible for the country.
“Everyone who lives here, regardless of whether they are Muslim, Hindu, or speak a different language, is a citizen of this country. The climate of hostility that is being fostered solely to win elections is a horrible thing that is driving the nation away from welfare and toward ruin,” he said.
The NC president said that the enmity created is shaking the national fundamentals.
“Enmity is being created among different communities, including Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, all over India and it is upending our constitution and shaking the fundamental foundations of our country,” he added.
Abdullah said hatred was being spread between communities in the country for “just winning the elections”. “This approach will not take the nation and people towards prosperity, it will only lead to misery,” he added.
He said the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi-led Bharat Jodo Yatra is meant to unite the country and is against hatred being sown between communities for electoral gains.
Abdullah said that hate will only lead to misery and stressed that the people should unite for each other’s welfare.
“The aim of the Yatra is to unite the nation and break the (walls of) hatred. The message of this march is that unless we unite and think together for the welfare of each other, we cannot make the nation that our forefathers had dreamt of and given sacrifices for, ” he said.
The NC president said that the major goal of the yatra is to unite the nation and eradicate enmity. “The only message of this yatra is that we must work together, consider each other’s welfare, and join forces if we are to construct the country that our forefathers envisioned after fighting against British control, making sacrifices, and suffering beatings and hangings. They have experienced captivity and witnessed the atrocities at Jalianwala Bagh, and their spirits won’t be at peace until we come together and create the nations they had imagined. We require bravery and faith,” he added.
Referring to the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits three decades ago, Abdullah said he wanted them to return home with dignity in his lifetime.
“Our brothers had to leave this place. I wish the atmosphere turns conducive for their return to their homes with dignity and honour before I go to sleep,” he added.
“Without a doubt, the displacement of our brothers caused many troubles for this state. I would ask God for them to return here before I pass away,” he wished.
The NC president asked people to follow the path shown by the God which will lead to their victory.
“The road of the devil only leads to hell. God should be trusted. He may put us to the test, but he will ultimately give us victory,” he added.