Clear suspense

This refers to article ” Clear suspense over J&K Bank ” by Dr Raja Muzaffar Bhat (DE Jan 29th). It was a great news when State Administrative Council (SAC) headed by Governor S P Malik on Nov 22nd 2018 decided to make J&K Bank accountable to people of State by bringing it under the provisions of Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act (J&K RTI Act 2009). More than two months have passed but the formal orders in this regard are not in public domain. The Bank on the other hand is not responding to RTI applicants as no designated PIOs have been nominated by JK Bank. Author of the article has rightly said it is a suspense now ? Has Government taken its decision back and kept this issue in a state of suspended animation ? People have a right to know and Government must clear its stand vis a vis J&K Bank soon.
B A Bhat (Advocate)