Cleanliness in the curriculum

Swashatta or cleanliness having assumed the proportions of a grand social movement in the country, its importance for strengthening and promoting with a sustained mission could, among other things, be by including it as a subject in school curriculums. Unless this main ingredient of a healthy and disease free life is made to percolate down to the school going children, sanitation and allied issues would not become a part of the life of an average Indian, not only from the rural areas but even from urban areas as well.
President Ram Nath Kovind , while presenting Swatch Survekshan Awards for 2019 accordingly urged educational institutions to include cleanliness in their curriculum and spread awareness of its importance. It is an innovative idea to have competitions among cities in racing for maximum performance in making cleanliness as a part of our daily routine . Fixing prizes , trophies and other forms of recognising better performance in this area would surely go a long way in motivating more and more to join this social transformation towards which perhaps there has been never as stress and emphasis on it as for the last four years . The country is poised for a “no open defecation” which is not to be taken as an ordinary achievement. It is the mindset and not the alibi of poverty that comes in between cleanliness and dirtiness and therefore let each city be known by how much clean it was.