Civil society play its role

India a big democratic country in the world where people irrespective of their caste, creed and religion enjoy freedom of expression widely. Since the day of independence all constituent units of the country go for the democratic exercise in electing the Govts of their choice. From bottom to the top i.e from Panchayat level to Assembly people get represented without any fear or foul. India is fast developing in all fronts and has evolved big position among the nations of the world. It is unfortunate to mention here that our neighbouring country cannot digest the development which our country has achieved after the partition.
The present unrest in Kashmir valley is creation of Pakistan to weaken India. Till to date Pakistan has not learnt any lesson from the wars they fought against India. The terrorism has been thrusted upon us and we are facing the evil since last three decades or more. We have lost precious lives in this turmoil and the build up infrastructure stood damaged and destroyed in this Pak sponsored terrorism. How long this situation will continue which is eating the essentials of the society at large. Presently the situation in the valley of Kashmir has been controlled and normalcy is by and large restored. It is now opportune time for the civil society to rise and play a positive role in bringing pristine glory to the valley of Kashmir. The civil society cannot keep away from the responsibility and play its role in joining the efforts of the Govt in diffusing the crisis in the valley of Kashmir.
S N Raina