Chittoo Padder: The Hidden Heaven

Diksha Chouhan
Chittoo Padder is a very beautiful village which lies in district Kishtwar of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Chittoo Padder is a hidden gem surrounded by huge mountains on all sides that offers a tranquil retreat amidst nature bounty and this beautiful village is abode of Ancient Temple of “Jagatjanni Singhasan Mata” who is a manifestation of Maa Navdurga.
Singhasan Mata is worshipped in various incarnations of Maa Durga during the pooja. Apart from this there are many other Temples of gods and goddesses in this village Chittoo Padder.
Chittoo Padder is known for its breathtaking landscapes, greenery and serene ambiance making it an Ideal destination for those seeking solace away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Terraced farms are found in this village and a wide variety of crops and vegetables are grown.
Famous Crops: Finger Millets, Paddari Rajmash (Kidney beans), Wheat,Maize,Foxtail Millets, Barley, Peas and other varieties of pulses,which we call in our local dialect are Thool-Dal,Gol-Dal etc . etc.
Unexplored Valleys of this Village:
Karthawati Dhar (Dhar means beautiful lush green meadows) and Rail Dhar are most beautiful high altitude valleys and unique mountainous valleys of Himalayan range. These valleys are surrounded by beautiful nature with panoramic views of the green valleys and pine forests and mountains covered with snow. These two beautiful valleys are home to the beautiful mountains, meadows of wild flowers and variety of medicinal plants. Mountain gateways are always alluring and offering us a refreshing change and this beautiful village will offer you all the space that you need for yourself as it remains less crowded most of the time. Adventure enthusiasts can explore these valleys.
Most alluring Sintiyar Waterfall is on the Sintiyar Nallah and mini Zaruh Waterfall is situated on the Zaruh Nallah. There is so much in these waterfalls:
The way they look,
The way they reflect light,
The gush with some soothing and refreshing sound of these waterfalls will surely heal you.
Chittoo Padder is a source of many Springs. We can call this village “A land of Springs” you will find small and big springs at every step. The famous ones are Thalasar, Kandeeli Nala, and Manrhoath.
The village is a habitat of many wild beautiful flowers and dense forests are habitat of many wild and ferocious animals and variety of distinct other species. Panthera pardus , Black bear also found in these Jungles.
This village is known for its beauty and for the production of Chilgozas, Cumin, Guchi Mushroom, Hazelnuts and also famous for its unique culture.
Famous religious fairs and festivals:
Singhasan Mata Chari Yatra and Jyot Yatra started from first July every year. Shirzaati Mela, Maghe Mela, Bishayi Mela, Uzzan Mela, Mithyag and most famous Gyokar Mela. Ghurie, Sugli are some famous traditional and lyrical songs of this village.
Healthy and delicious cuisines of Chittoo Padder:
Pinri, Kodre ki Roti-Lassi-Chatni, Launk, Piyazi, Aunsra, Darshaag, Gutai, Ashroo .
Clothing essentials:
Owing to their high elevation this village usually have a chill in the air around the year. The natives mostly dressed in woollen clothes in winters but in summers light woollens would be sufficient to live the days.
With the effect of time and modernisation people are also changing and forgetting their traditions, cultural values and becoming more Western slaves, which is a matter of great concern for us .
Language spoken:
English and Hindi are understood but locals mostly communicate in Paddari language, the local dialect in their everyday dealings.
Best time to Visit Chittoo Padder:
The best time to visit Chittoo Padder is during the summer months from May to October but if you are Chionophile, then visit in winters also. However, this village charm can be enjoyed throughout the year with each season offering a unique experience.