Of Chit fund scam

Brig Arun Bajpai
No less than 1.7 million poor people of west Bengal have lost their entire savings in the Saradha Chit fund scam worth 2500 crore, in which as the things are now emerging hordes of  the ruling Trinamool Congress  ministers and MPs are involved neck deep. Instead of appreciating the plight of these poor people and their predicament the so called Miss Clean lady of west Bengal who is also its current Chief Minister, Mamata Banarjee is doing her best to side with these scamesters and is loud mouthing Prime Minister Modi.
On Friday CBI arrested the Bengal Transport and sports minister and close confidant of Mamata Banarjee, Mr Madan Mitra. Before this CBI had already arrested TMC MPs Kunal Ghosh and Srinjoy Bose. Ex DGP of West Bengal and Vice President of TMC Rajat Majumdar is also in CBI custody. East Bengal Club officer Debabrata Sarkar, businessman Sandhir Agrawal and Assam Singer Sadanand Gogoi are also experiencing the jail environment. Saradha Chit fund company boss Sudipta Sen had recently tried to commit suicide. He has openly hinted that even Mamata Banarjee the Miss clean is not above board. Reportedly during his interrogation Mamata’s Sports Minister has admitted that he used to receive the chit fund money and distribute it to other big wigs of TMC.
Instead of taking this in correct spirit Mamata Banarjee is busy ranting against PM Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. According to her CBI is being used against her as personal vendetta. She has dared Modi to arrest her. She has also made a public statement that her Sports Minister will not resign. This is the same Mamata Banarjee who has said earlier that she has  nothing against CBI probe which the Supreme Court has ordered and had even complained that CBI is shielding the guilty. However her whole persona changed after her MP Srinjoy Bose was arrested. She went to streets complaining about vendetta. It is a separate issue that she has not been able to explain that how the family of this Bose fellow who owns Ripley and Company could manage to carry out cargo handling operations at Haldia port for 25 years without paying a single pie as royalty to the West Bengal Government. It is really pathetic the type of politicians which currently are getting elected and are holding such important posts. First and foremost PM Modi has no say in this CBI inquiry. This is being   carried out under the direction of Supreme Court. Second CBI has no power to arrest and keep a person in custody without the court having whetted the case and satisfied that yes there is a prima facie case, especially when accused are serving MPS. If the local court has permitted so many MPs of the ruling TMC to be arrested then there is something definitely fishy in the conduct of these MPs.
Instead of distancing herself from these tainted Minister and MPs, which is the right thing to do in a corruption case of such magnitude directly affecting the livelihood of the millions of poor, the actual constituency of Mamata Banarjee , why is she lending her name to these scams esters ? Is it because she is worried that if she dumps them then they will involve her also in the scam as some of them have already hinted? Whatever may be the truth she cannot get away by saying that she knew nothing about what is going on in Saradha case. Sooner than later fire will reach her doorstep also and she will have to answer. Already the opposition in West Bengal is demanding her resignation.
What is really sad is the invective she is throwing at the PM. Time has come now that Indian constitution and laws of functioning of politicians are reframed by   Parliament. Nothing should be left to nice cities and past traditions because they are not laws. There should be iron clad rule for public behaviour of elected representatives of India. Instead of waiting for a criminal charge to be proven ,when arrested any MP or Minister must be made to resign once the court frames a charge sheet against him or her which must be time bound .At the same time every such arrest must be examined by a neutral  panel to ensure that there was no political vendetta involved. Similarly for any minister, CM or MP using unparliamentarily language against President or PM or inciting people in the name of religion must be made a punishable offence. Supreme Court must be persuaded to agree that all cases against elected representatives of the country must be decided in a time bound manner. We must now have a decent democracy and not a SADAK CHAAP mobocracy.Those parties who carry out opposition for the sake of opposition must be rejected by the people. It is also very important that the members of Rajya Sabha  must also be directly elected by the people and not by collegiums of MPs.Every body must be accountable to people. Article 356 which permits Central Government to dismiss State Governments must also be revived with proper checks and balances.


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