China’s unique ‘advantage’ over India

Shiban Khaibri
While this writer feels ill at ease for attributing any sort of advantage to expansionist China , the same being a question of filial devotion to Bharat and propriety of describing things , it is however, a fact that China has a unique advantage over us and that is not its military power, its economic strength and its mad race to emerge a super power but in not having so called or one sided liberals, qualified democrats, pro secessionist intellectuals and writers , Shaheen Bagh type protest organisers , in one breath endorsers and exponents of lockdown to fight Novel Corona-virus also ‘popularly’ known Wuhan virus and in other breath , its strong critics and bafflers . It does not have , not in the least, elements that criticise its own armed forces and call by names its valiant staff chief. China , again , does not have those leaders who “question ” the government in power as to who “gained by the martyrdom of 40 brave hearts of our CRPF ” in Pulwama last year. It again does not have such opposition political parties that question the veracity of the claim of undertaking and completing successfully, surgical strikes against Pakistani terror camps. It has its ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believing ostensibly in the Marxian doctrines laced with Mao-Tse -Tung’s icing not only on the top but from sideways also, where political power grows out of the barrel of a gun only and where country and country’s interests are supreme but their counterparts in India are not even calling themselves with prefixes as “Indian” since we know not any Indian Communist Party but only “Communist Party of India” and its other factions.
China , again, has an edge over us in that it does not have traitors within, who give clean chit to enemy and instead project ruling political party as real enemy . One Aakar Patel is from India itself who tweets that “BJP was bigger enemy than China , gives clean chit to China justifying what China has been doing on our borders by saying that China has strategic objectives , it isn’t trying to destroy us internally , BJP is doing that ….” The fellow is ex-head of Amnesty India. We have no qualms with Patel in deriding and attacking the BJP even if with veridical deficit but giving clean chit to our enemy and then, roaming free and not being put behind bars, can be possible in this country only where freedom and liberty are in heaps and unbridled and if such long ropes were not tightened enough and pulled back with all legal and constitutional force to the extent of the jaws getting bled, could land at even going to the extent of siding with the enemy so audaciously and impudently . Modi Ji may try to be more than soft , more accommodating and treating such virulence very casually under the spirit of ‘forgive and forget’ , despite that his sworn adversaries were never ever be ready to “pardon” him as they were committed by conviction to mock , attack and decry even his person not only to trivialise and project as naught, his achievements . China has an edge over us in the sense that no likes of Zakir Hussain can live there or be tolerated who is spokesperson of the Congress Party for Ladakh UT , who on tape was heard passing most derogatory language against not only the Indian leadership including, in particular, Prime Minister Narendra Modi but was heard mocking Indian brave hearts in its standoff with China . In fact, this ‘ Congressi ‘ was eulogizing the Chinese army and wished to have the UT Ladakh break into pieces and Leh captured by China . His entire tape running into nearly seven minutes is not worth to be reproduced in full as it was highly prejudicial to religious, regional peace and tranquillity and was highly seditious in nature . We can imagine if the likes of ‘ Congressi ‘ Zakir happen to occupy sensitive and important posts concerning country’s security and safety , what could be the likely results. Ostensibly, a member of ‘Break India Gang’ , he has come up in his true colours.
In 1962 , as the Indian army fought Chinese aggression in the Himalayas , the undivided Communist Party of India supported China thus putting ideology above nation . Pro- India stand taken by any “comrade” was construed to be “anti party” activity and veteran Achuthanandan had to face the ire from the Party bosses for mooting the very idea of donating blood for the injured brave Indian soldiers in China- India war of 1962. His (noble) move was taken as helping the government which “worked” against the Communist Party. He kept on eating humble pies from those who helmed the Communist Party of India even thereafter for adopting “soft approach”, if any, towards national interests . At least, China has no such ideologues who put party interests above national interests since the two are the twin faces of the same coin. They do not have self proclaimed champions of liberty and all-round secular democrats like we have in plenty , beaming on TV Channels and putting all blames on the government charging it of having committed mishandlings and suffering failures by “employing wrong and faulty ” policies.
Let us admit frankly that our conventional adversary does not have forces from within whose overt and covert actions are inimical to the interests of the country. Canards are spread that China “is deep in our territory” and has eaten away many areas falling on this side of LAC. While we should have no problems in sincerely believing in the version put forth by our government based on the ground reports furnished by army leadership and command, still just to score some political points, some politicians are bent upon investing their stakes in spreading misinformation just to discredit the government . Prime Minister, while attending an All -Party meet on July 19 shared the information in unambiguous and clear cut way that
(a) no Indian post had been captured by the Chinese ;
(b) no area on Indian side has been encroached upon by the Chinese;
(c) not an inch of any Indian territory had been lost to Chinese in the ongoing standoff;
(d) China could not or was not allowed to enter into our territory ; and
(e) no tents or any make shift shelter had been erected by the Chinese in our territory. In the said meeting, curiously both the Congress party and the Red Left were conspicuous of no condemnation for China . All other political parties, however, backed our valiant armed forces and the Indian leadership . However, the bubble of canards and misinformation got burst with the completion of a strategic bridge in Gulwan Ladakh by Indian engineers, technicians and workers just a day or two earlier.
A few days back , Rahul Gandhi , former Congress President “exhorted” the Prime Minister “Darye matt , Bahir aaye , kahan chhupain hain ” or do not feel scared, come in the open and where are you hiding in respect of the Galwan crisis created by China. The same Party took strong exception to the remarks of its leader in the Lok Sabha , Adhir Ranjan Chowdhry who had tweeted, “Be careful China, Indian forces know how to defang the venomous snakes like you , entire world is watching the sinister design of yellow expansionist…………..” He was forced to delete the tweet and he had to obey. Not only that, the Party sent out a very strong message to all the party members to desist from comments against China that are not in conformity with the party position on the neighbouring countries. Mark the words “neighbouring countries” by which could be inferred including Pakistan. No wonder, praises for Congress and some Indian journalists come from those people in Pakistan who are of no less sensitive “importance” for whatever reasons. Another spokesperson of the party Sanjay Jha too has been divested of his spokesperson (ship) for even softly chiding China . Incredible, indeed.
However, a few questions are pertinent to be asked as to how in 1962 China swallowed Aksai Chin. The Karakoram Pass issue , Tia Pangnak, Chabji Valley, Doom Cheley , Demjok and -Raki Nula like disputes arose during UPA rule and remained unsettled ? Whose Government was there at the centre? As compared to these all, China failed in 2017 in its Doklam mission. It failed in 2020 in Lipulekh and Pangang Tso and now, has failed in Galwan valley. How in 2008, Congress party signed a Memorandum of “understanding” with Chinese Communist Party, who signed it and what need was there for it and whether under its covenants, Congress party had to remain silent even on Chinese hostilities against India that were aimed at jeopardizing our territorial integrity, is in itself an issue of critical importance . Who signed 1996 and 2005 agreements with China whereby no firearms were to be used during any standoff at LAC and that calls the bluff of “why Indian soldiers were sent for martyrdom without carrying arms”. Let Pandora’s Box be not opened. “Kare koi aur Bhare Kyon koye aur” ? – or for one’s (mis) doings , someone else cannot be just penalised.