China’s Chicanery

Ameet Kumar Bali
China lied about the nature of virus and its extent, number of infected people, number of deaths it caused and lied about the virus being transmissible among humans. The virus started in Wuhan China. Being a hub of many industries, people from all over the world are travelling in and out of Wuhan. The most serious concern is that China intentionally allowed millions of its infected people to travel all over the world on Chinese Lunar Year. In this way, human carriers from China spread the COVID-19 virus around the world. China regime is basically authoritarian in nature and hence the information coming out of China is heavily filtered and totally controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. All countries around the world were deceived to misjudge the epidemic and caught by this pandemic.
All the countries are badly hit by the deadly corona virus. China communist party is totally misleading the world by censoring and controlling their news and media. It is well known proverb,” To hide a lie, a thousand lies are needed.” The same thing is witnessing in the contradictory statements made by the Chinese officials that in inception they claimed the virus came from the wet market and now said that there is no such wet market in China. When Donald Trump called it as “Wuhan or Chinese virus” then the China Communist Party officials called it as “American Virus”.
Undoubting, this COVID-19 came from Wuhan. The question that should be asked now is this – was the outbreak deliberate or by accident? Was it an act of war or an outcome of Chinese incompetence? It is believed that China Communist Party was well aware of the nature of virus and its threat to their existence. The China Communist Party’s ambition is to become leading economy and country of the world. They don’t want to suffer the effects of this pandemic alone while others stayed safe and increased their strength relative to China. The China Communist Party has lied, is lying, and will continue to lie about corona virus to protect the regime.
COVID-19 virus may force many countries to rethink globalization, World Health Organization, their over-dependence on China and China’s unsuited and unique political ideology. It would not be wrong to say that China is no more communist country. She is a capitalist as USA now. The difference is of the political system – Diversified Democracy verse centralized one party rule. In a democratic country where anyone can become capitalist and there will be checks and balances. But in China there are no checks and balance, no opposition and free media. China seems as a trouble maker to the globalised world of the 21st century since the way in which it handled and slowly informed the deadly virus to the world and turned the whole world into lockup and quarantine centre.
The pandemic has ravaged open and close countries, rich and poor, East and West.
But the positive global response is missing to contain the virus at a limited place.
This raises a question against the process of globalization and exposing the globalised system of the world. The crisis is forcing a major re-evaluation of the interconnected global world.
It cannot be denied that the global agency W.H.O also failed in declaring pandemic timely and keeps the international community alert to Covid-19. World Health Organization’s response was too slow to raise the alarm in January. It issued only an advisory to exercise caution travelling to Wuhan; it took China at its word and assured other countries that there was no clear evidence of human to human transmission. Strong evidence supports that initially W.H.O gave the impression of a non transmissible virus and even criticized some countries for cancellation of their flights from Wuhan later proved that was entirely false and has put a big question mark on the credibility and involvement of very old and important organization of the peaceful world. Dr. Tedros’s actions have forced us to think, why WHO not blaming the China Communist Party for misinformation about the contagious virus? It would be right to say just owing to WHO’s callous and China centric approach. The helpless and systematic failure of international organizations like UNs and W.H.O to anticipate and address the great risks of COVID-19 declined the public trust, truth, transparency and accountability in global world. There is an urgent need for sweeping global reforms in deadly and irresponsible international organization.
It would not be wrong to say that China is manifesting a mindset of conflict and aggression rather to have the mindset of cooperation. If china had nothing to hide why are they being so defensive? Now they are threatening countries that want fair investigation over Covid-19. The question is what’s wrong with investigating to know the source of virus and should be no reason to oppose because the whole world is under lockup and affecting their life and security. Such incident forces all to know and inquest to learn what went wrong so that it would not happen again.
They don’t want any investigation because without confirmation it can just continue to deny. China is in denial mode and playing aggressive and combative diplomacy rather sharing all data related to virus. The way in which China Communist Party is dealing and behaving, definitely a threat to world freedom, democracy and human existence.
China communist party could have prevented many deaths if they play responsible role by informing the world timely and opening its research files and data bases for inspection. China has lost its credibility. They have been exposed and humiliated. China Communist Party feels threatened so it’s making threats. It has been exposed and every nation sees the truth. Now the largest exporters of goods since 2019 has now turned into exporter of deadly virus. In 2020, perception of the world towards china has radically changed after the deceptive COVID-19. China and other nations need to be transparent about their outbreaks and the world should understand this is a war which is very unconventional and silent. It is slightly less lethal, infuriating more frustrating than deadly.
All the democratic and peace loving nations should come together and form a new world order. In present time, world is looking for leadership who lead the world and fulfill the vacuum of responsible and trustworthy international organizations with much peace and prosperity. The whole world should definitely learn from this deadly virus. Besides, efforts should be made to make world free from biological chemical and nuclear arms. If the world doesn’t wake up, then the whole humanity will be destroyed.