China and Russia actively join anti terrorism club

Yet another victory for India in international diplomacy and equally another jolt to the abode of terrorism, Pakistan in further tasting the unaffordable international isolation, both the countries have agreed in principle for a closer coordination to eradicate , what was said, “Breeding grounds of terrorism.” The question is that in the light of specific and clear cut gauntlet having been thrown by the comity of nations against terrorism and now China not affording to be singled out , whether Pakistan can still afford to manufacture, pamper , sustain and promote terrorism at such an unaffordable cost? The answer can better be from the powers that be enjoying de-jure status though in disguise in Pakistan as the present “elected “dispensation is caught between two stools .
At the conclusion of the strategic meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China in East Chinese city of Wuzhen on February 27, a firm commitment sprouted in respect of eradicating terror. India succeeded in putting out its case more explicitly in respect of how it had been reeling under the scourge of terrorism and where from it was planted in and exported to India , the severity of which was seen by the entire world on February 14. It also conveyed under what circumstances and purposes were the strikes against the terror camps in Pakistan conducted on February 26 which by no means was any escalation and any label of aggression to it was unjustified and far from the reality. That is why the commitment emanating from the meeting in China by the Chinese Foreign Minister was without mincing any words by saying that it was agreed to jointly combat all forms of terrorism through closer policy coordination and “practical cooperation”, especially important was to eradicate the breeding ground of terrorism and extremism. Obviously, the backdrop was the ghastly but cowardly executed Pulwama terror attack.
It is worth noting that any terror attack in any part of the globe is construed as an assault on the accepted tenets of civilization which posed threat to peace, stability and progress. Any victim country naturally evinced sympathy and support from other countries in fighting and eradicating this menace. Using the words “breeding grounds” of terrorism by the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is significant as India justified its air strikes on Pakistani terror camps of Jaish-e- Mohammed in Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkwha province . Since China has immense economic interests in Pakistan , especially in PoK, the Chinese Foreign Minister had some words of composing effect for Pakistan by saying that Pakistan too had been “opposing” terrorism.
We need not, as a victim country, be bound by or influenced in any way by any country or individual tutoring us against situation getting escalated as no other country has been unequivocally been eschewing non violence in any form and to make the cause and need of peace and mutual cooperation more appealing than India. At the same time, we cannot let ourselves continue to be the sufferers of terror and not strike back.