Child Rights Commission

It is reflection of a policy of remaining indifferent towards the rights of and protective shield provided to the children, by the successive governments in Jammu and Kashmir that there was no Child Rights Commission established so far. In other words that means that instances of exploitation, harassment , torture to and absolute neglect of the children and denying them their basic rights were going rather unheard and complaints not made let alone resolved as per international standards. However, the decision to have one independent commission now in the UT is nothing short of a historic importance.
It is , therefore, quite satisfying to note that the UT government of Jammu and Kashmir has accorded its approval to setting up of the Commission at the earliest and reportedly even Rules stand framed. In other words, the “perpetrators” have to be doubly careful and cautious in not trampling upon the rights of children and go unnoticed and hence unpunished. The structure of the Commission having duly been decided, the eligibility criteria of the members on it including the Chairperson having also been decided about, it is expected that sooner it will start functioning to protect the rights of the children in Jammu and Kashmir. What is needed, however, is a mass awakening about it and launching an awareness drive besides making the Rights of Children as part of school curriculum so that it is taught and learnt and providing training to teachers and other personnel connected with dealing children. The idea of maintaining a Common Register as Child Rights Petition Register (CRPR) is a good proposed initiative reflective of the seriousness accorded to receiving and dealing with the complaints in respect of the rights of the children.