Centre busy in delivering pre-poll promises: Jitendra

In a veiled attack on the opposition, Union minister Jitendra Singh today said that centre was busy in delivering to the promises it had made prior to the general election last year rather than “wasting energy on criticizing others”.
“We are busy working and delivering to the promises made, we don’t want to waste our energy criticizing others,” said Singh, who is a minister of state in the Prime Minister’s Office.
While addressing a Kissan Mela organized by the Indian Institute of Integrated Medicines (IIIM) Jammu, he said that Government had the scientific data available and basis on that people can compare the work done by the parliamentarians of any constituency of any part of the country and even the legislature in the state.
Singh, who is a Minister of State for Personnel, said that the Central Government has also decided to enhance the retirement age of the scientists from 60 to 62.
“Now the scientists won’t have to seek favors for extension, they would get service tenure of upto 62 years of age,” he said.
Singh, who is a senior member of parliament from Udhampur constituency, said he was committed for the development of the area and have already launched many new initiative and schemes .
“I am committed to spend three times more the money that a MP gets from the MPLAD fund; I will generate that money from other resources. Several schemes have already been started in the area,” he said.
He also spoke at length of the work he has done for the Jammu and Kashmir and his constituency after taking over as the Minister of State in the Union cabinet.
“An example is this is the village Saddal that was completely damaged because of the flash floods of September last year and now this village would be developed as first smart village of Jammu and Kashmir. It would happen for the first time that any smart village in the country would come upon the ruins of a village that was completely destroyed by the flash floods,” he said. (AGENCIES)


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